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Ally is what you call a sleeper. When she came in the morning of the shoot in her sweats and pulled back hair she looked like an ordinary college student on her way to class. Cute as hell, but still not a knock out by any means. Skip ahead an hour and a half and I couldn't believe it was the same girl starring me down in the lens. Ally really knows how to turn it on at the right time and in the right place. -Mark Lit
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excalibur555us said 5 months ago
Thumbsup Get Alley back for more sets!!!!!
emmsea said 8 months ago
Thumbsup 5 stars! Class lady, class set. Thanks to all involved. MC from OZ.
dsshop said about 1 year ago
Thumbsup Ally is smoking HOT! Love #62-#64 Ally holding on to those heels! I would to have her holding her legs up by the heels while I lick all over that pretty pussy and amazing ass!
jjj9999 said over 1 year ago
Thumbsup 1
tink1974 said over 1 year ago
Thumbsup Beautiful,her eyes are hypnotic
cassie1055 said over 1 year ago
Thumbsup #57 and #58: two of my favorite photos on this whole website...beautiful photography...freakin beautiful model...