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Member Comments (7)

darlings01966 said over 2 years ago
Every time I watch this I start creaming myself earlier and earlier, and this time I felt it coming before they even started kissing! I think it's their lingerie! Great choices, especially for Alexa's little white affair. Scrumptious.
maxanderson said over 2 years ago
A very sexy pair. Well done for bringing them together.
jjj9999 said over 2 years ago
doggone2 said almost 3 years ago
This looks like an older set, but is Jennifer still modeling? Please bring her back for more!
darlings01966 said about 3 years ago
They may not be love, but they sure do know how to play well together! Wonderful!
tkback1 said about 3 years ago
Bring it! This is exactly what this site needs -- more heat. And don't listen to Mr boring apple pie.
tylerdurden9490 said about 3 years ago
2 beautiful naked women even "pretending" to get it on is awesome! 45 and 46 are my favorite photos, (among a handful of others.) I don't care to much for the toys, their use leans more towards the hardcore than the erotic. Alexa and Jennifer were doing just fine by themselves!