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rickmar1 4 months ago
HOLY CHRIST!!! I am almost speechless and am certainly breathless! Before posting this I went back and looked at my previous posts on everything Alexa has done for DD and each was more positive than the last. I am running out of superlatives. There are many really hot and beautiful women on this site and only a select few make it into my "goddess" category. Alexa is one of them. My only complaint is that she is not on here often enough.
dgmiller4 4 months ago
My, what an energetic fap session... Pretty pussy!
coniow 4 months ago
An absolutely stunning girl! And Alexa has such cute little boobs, with those lovely puffy nipples like cherries on the cake! Now if Amazon's Alexa was anything like this Alexa, I might be interested:-). I hope she will Grace DDG with her presence on many more occasions!
sevensteven 4 months ago
Alexa is really a beautiful woman. Her hip is so attractive that I wanna to rush inside her.

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