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rickmar1 • almost 3 years ago
She gets a 5 just for keeping the furry beaver, not to mention the fact that she is smoking hot
amantecono • about 4 years ago
Beautiful lady! And I Love the pubic hair!
jocelyn1st • over 4 years ago
una zorra, en el buen sentido de la palabra
dsshop • over 5 years ago
Amazing Find DD! Hot Young Little Body! Alaina, you are a gorgeous young thing!
lovemetender • over 5 years ago
When are you making a video for us, darling? xXx. :-)
dnorton2812 • over 5 years ago
Photos 136 and 150 look like a Georgia Peach. I bet just as sweet.
introyble • over 5 years ago
Hands down my favorite new model in a long time. More plese
jcurto • over 5 years ago
mrquick, if you like bald pussies, you must be a short-dick man!
reboulin • over 5 years ago
Alaina Fox,une superbe JFille avec une chatte et un cul fascinant !!! *** LOVE ***
pimpandy • over 5 years ago
Please don't shave... Thats the beauty of it! Make me really horny seeing the beautiful hairy pussy...
morgan45 • over 5 years ago
Tremendous find of natural true beauty!
gobucks79 • over 5 years ago
OK she is very, very, very attractive, AMAZING ... but unlike others I would be willing to lender her my razor .. well you know ... help out with the shave! ; > )
craggin42 • over 5 years ago
I loved the unshaved looked. Well done! Awesome New Years present to us all.
sepu811 • over 5 years ago
This amount of pics would be cool to see for girls like Malena and other beauties too....thanks!
lostnoiz • over 5 years ago
Ditto on the bush...my god her vagina is beautiful ...
nokidz4me • over 5 years ago
Nice way to start off 2013
callmezeke • over 5 years ago
WOW. You've really outdone yourself with this set. The language needs some new superlatives for Alaina Fox. Happy New Year, indeed...
rickmar • over 5 years ago
Oh, Happy New Year! If this is a preview of the upcoming year, sign me up for a lifetime membership. Alaina, if you're reading this, don't do anything to "enhance" the way you look right because you can't improve on perfection. Hoping to see lots more SOON!
tra56kaa57 • over 5 years ago
Took me directly back to the greatest 'spring break' of my life. Wow. Wonderful model, and great shots of her. Happy new year, indeed.
sonofzog • over 5 years ago
And I forgot to mention: beautiful sweet bush, just like a real honest-to-god woman. A bare cookie would have been all wrong for such a young-looking girl. Oh, and I want to die and come back as your brown leather couch, which seems to be getting a lot of yummy action these days.
darlings01966 • over 5 years ago
360 degrees of delight! A wonderful greeting to the New Year. But parenthetically speaking, would love to see at least some of the girls start off with a little more clothing to play with as they slowly strip....
sonofzog • over 5 years ago
Just chiming in with the chorus today. Alaina is adorable, like a dream of the perfect girlfriend. And this is a great set.
tylerdurden9490 • over 5 years ago
The first 50 or so photos of Alaina in just her bra and panties in front of the curtains and couch are my favorite. The lighting was very flattering and her poses seem quite natural. She is beautiful and has a great body. Congratulations!
eveq101 • over 5 years ago
5* Gorgeous model and gorgeous photography, I agree with all the positive comments. I love her makeover, I love her cute (but sensual) lingerie and her elegant (but sensual) looks she is totally adorable. I love her spreads, splits and squats they are so attractive and seductive. The pictorial of her Sex is masterfully captured. Happy New Year everyone. Eva. 5*
underdog • over 5 years ago
Great find!
georgia22 • over 5 years ago
Nicely done.
g37pq941 • over 5 years ago
The best set in quite a while, both in terms of quantity and quality. It's good to see so many shots that remember that the model has a face, too!
lostnoiz • over 5 years ago
More of this please! Outstanding!
pt7090 • over 5 years ago
"One of the great things about our site is we attract young, fresh, non-porno girls like Alaina" This says it all! Sets like this are the main reason I subscribe to DD and will continue to subscribe in 2013. What a beautiful woman and the photography is outstanding. I hope we get more of Alana and more young, fresh, non-porno girls like her.
enroh01 • over 5 years ago
What a treat... Pic 80 really stands out.. great work! Really hope to see more of Alaina soon
bushmasterviper • over 5 years ago
DAMN shes one hot babe, lovely face and delicious body

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