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rickmar1 about 1 year ago
In spite of those god awful tats, she is gorgeous. And there was an "IT" factor in this video IMO.
dancan38 over 4 years ago
Yummy fleshy bod, and a bum with seemingly a life of its own... yummy yum yum ! A living cartoon in her own right but those undulations of the rump !!!! Love the way she opens up wide her backside !!! And such a neat pussy, I really think those neat pussies show respect for the viewer ... Either you shave it totally neat or you trim it properly or still you keep the bush, but whatever, it shows respect, like a clean shaved chin an alternative to a trimmed beard... A stubble, be it around the face or round the in-between, expresses the same carelessness towards on-lookers, however few privileged viewers see it. A very sensuous film ! Fire away Part 2 !
doctordiesel over 4 years ago
She is still a hottie all the same!! I love the cameltoe from behind thru her panties around the 2:33 mark..YUM!!!
gemini1953 over 4 years ago
Nice spreads.
sweetchuck over 4 years ago
I think she is a beautiful young girl! But like what some of the other's have said, those tatoos really do not look good on her or the female body.
uptonogood over 4 years ago
I like a good tease now and then. This is begging for a "part two", in my opinion.
rihanna over 4 years ago
what a hot pussy !!!
rhyull over 4 years ago
Now you know I'm not likely to say anything bad about a brunette with a good sized pair of norks and really prominent nipples! It also helps when she has a well-defined mons and the rest of her is the right shape too. So I won't. The tattoos didn't offend though the ribbed socks may have been more to hide some poorly advised ink on her legs. But if she needs consoling from any of the more negative comments, I'll certainly volunteer.
carguy2 over 4 years ago
Nice Face, Nice Tits, Nice Ass, Nice Legs... Not going to let a few tattoos stop me! I'm goin' in...
mickey over 4 years ago
Luv the leg warmers! Thanks for leaving em on....... good stuff

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