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territhereddd about 3 years ago
These poor sad souls who don't appreciate a beautiful woman... make that an INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, and manage a little respect thrown in for her modesty, are truly pathetic. If you can get her back for another dozen sets, PLEASE DO SO! But, start her in a full evening gown, a slower strip to whatever limits she wishes, and many, many more poses.
baalanp72248 over 5 years ago
I tend to agree that the more explict the photos, the more erotic they are, therefore the harder I get! LOL! That said, I have to say I still enjoy Playboy very much, tho I don't subscribe (they're shits on the business side). This is an absolutely beautiful young lady and a pleasure to look at.
oldjarhead3 over 5 years ago
Outstanding woman.....
gobucks79 over 5 years ago
what a beautiful lady, wonderful body... I am going to assume she is shy!!!! Still very glad to see her, leaves us longing for MORE .. and what is wrong with that! ; > )
reboulin over 5 years ago
Victoria Valmer,real masterpiece!!!
tits4tat over 5 years ago
She probably has flaps like tea bags and is self conscious about them. Women with beautiful pussies are proud of them. Let's cut Victoria some slack. What's one little deformity in an otherwise beautiful model?
sepu811 over 5 years ago
Amazing perfect killer body! But it seems we miss half of the set. No zooms, no close ups, no spreading...no zoom on heels, pussy, feets, what a lost of sexyness on this incomplete set! Please more like this but COMPLETE!
christophec over 5 years ago
Just one thing : she's about 34C, it's perky, not full cups. But well... Anyway... Anytime...
dancan38 over 5 years ago
At last , someone totally naked !!! we get our eye-full !!! Our eyes can at last relish and surf and wander all over her body !!!

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