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who8bat8 • almost 5 years ago
now she is beautiful allover!
dsshop • about 5 years ago
Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful! I Love #43. Pulling those SEXY panties off showing that pretty little asshole first! Amazing. Well done Taylor!
tonyz25 • about 5 years ago
now thats a WOMAN!!
gohardy • about 5 years ago
Without words - Just perfect!
georgia22 • almost 6 years ago
Gorgeous girl.
horsenu • almost 6 years ago
Oh and by the way, we'd all probably love for you guys to bring Taylor back for another video!
horsenu • almost 6 years ago
¡Ahh Sí! 3000P Es como "Estar ahí'! #67 ¡Oooh La La! Gracias 2 Todd. ¡Y GRACIAS Taylor!! ¡Simplemente Taylor Delicioso!!!
tits4tat • almost 6 years ago
Taylor does have a pretty face and pretty little box to match. No slabs of Porterhouse on this girl! I wanted to see more of her and so went to the archive. Her first photo set has more and better money shots.
horsenu • almost 6 years ago
2nd bluestraycat's comments and I'd liketa add that these maybe re-upped but still great to have the full set now. I've seen a few from this set posted other places on the net and wondered what the rest of the pics looked like. Now I know! Great set even if only 1280. Love the crazy striped socks on Taylor, would love to watch a video of this set when she slides them off and shows her pretty feet! And she spreads that beautiful concha! #67 IS a $$$$ Shot! Taylor sure IS a hot little Vixen!!!
bluestraycat • almost 6 years ago
Very lovely, natural looking sexy girl. Loved the soft moody lighting and nice camera work, but a few extra money-shot spreads would have really made it. Seems like you have to go to the video section to see those sorts of views nowadays. Otherwise a great set.

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