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coniow • almost 5 years ago
Staci puts me in mind of Monique Alexander, but with a delightful variation in the boob department! (Love both of them, the boobs and the girls that is!) The full length shots are much appreciated. Love the 'Who? Me?!' look at the start, the odd slightly coy pic, then the real tart to finish. 5 *s Let's see a lot more of Staci!
sexaddict • almost 5 years ago
Great set. Hope to see more of Staci. Awesome clit.
precentor1 • almost 5 years ago
Great girl. Need to have her in more photo shoots!
christophec • almost 5 years ago
One of the most beautifull face (picture #85 is interesting for this). By the way, nice car. Or truck (as you say in America). Well, the thing with the wheels...
bowsersheepdog • almost 5 years ago
i adore those shots before her little lemon panties come off, they fit so snugly, clinging to her mound and pretty pussy the way i wish my tongue could. an immensely sexy girl.
dsshop • almost 5 years ago
DD, you certainly know what I like. A sexy hot blonde in short jean shorts! Staci certainly joins a long list of beautiful sexy babes that fit that description given to us by DD. The difference between Staci and the many other sexy blonde babes in short jean shorts - Staci is the one that I am enjoying looking at right now! Thanks DD for adding to my fantasy list!
dancan38 • almost 5 years ago
...unless, of course, we ALSO see her , as here with Staci, actually playing with herself and enjoying it ! Overall, THIS set of Staci Silverstone is a landmark ! Thanks a million !
dancan38 • almost 5 years ago
yes, she's so sweet ! Her breasts are not the perfect shape, but so natural and endearing ! Shes a beauty, 'coz her body is not worked out (well;.. forget the tattoo...) and her poses are not posed, faked, arrogant. Remain so, Staci ! you're gorgeous !!! A lovely mouth and lovely smile, her eyes are to die for and her face is so soft and smooth and begging for a caress... And just look at those hips and thighs !!!Pity there's that silly yellow thing still in the way ...but they're so tempting !

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