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norm5215 11 months ago
pretty baby , very nice NATURAL tits , nice attitude , very sexy !! 11/10
iwearpanties 12 months ago
I'm a panty lover also, and I wear womens panties too.. These pics of Shay in her awesome white panties are beyond sexy
who8bat8 over 5 years ago
she is absolutely hotttt!
ahawj1 almost 6 years ago
Shay Laren always be for me the best Pornstar of Excellence
pantylover68 about 6 years ago
pantylover68 about 6 years ago
OH fuck. this girl is one hell of a lover. i can see why everyone likes her. Dam my cock is hard all ready. Love to make love to her all night in bed. who cares about sleeping. I much rather do fucking her pussy & panties all night.She would be worth going to bed for . Love to buy her a teddy and matching panties for sex. Dam she is soooooooooooooooooooo hot. LOVE HER AND LOVE HER PANTIES TOO.
stevryd58 about 6 years ago
the ultimate sex goddess no price would be too high for a night with shay
cfdietcoke about 6 years ago
OMG!!! She gets better with each shoot! Encore, encore!!
michaeljones2 about 6 years ago
Shay is a no brainer DDG Hall of Famer. This was an awesome set, thanks for bringing it back.
docgoo1 about 6 years ago
She has always been my favorite. no five ten ten ten
blownchevy about 6 years ago
God damn if a Guy doesn't get a chub over Shay they are Gay! I can't get enough of that beauty. I have to agree she is #1 a perfect 10 on DD!!!
tra56kaa57 about 6 years ago
When Shay is photographed by people who know how to make her look her best, the results are...well, we're looking at the results. Thanks for this set. No need to pass the cheetos.
narrowgauge about 6 years ago
My kingdom for an hour with this stunningly beautiful woman. Pic 63 is what every man dreams about coming home to. Bravisimo!!!
hawthorn67 about 6 years ago
I have been a self-proclaimed "connoisseur" of the Art of Women for decades, both as an artist and more directly as a hormone-driven man A decade ago I even systematically recorded my top 25 list based an analysis of contours, face, breasts, back etc. :P All this is to say that Shay is on my Goddess Chart (a best of the best so to speak). A lot of you young guys have great taste it seems. Shay has an allure, a certain look combined with a ridiculous body that all but a few men would worship. She's almost too much to endure!
rickmar about 6 years ago
I repent! I repent! You can flog me with a thousand lashes for never having been a fan of Shay's. I am not a fan of women with huge boobs, but, her overwelmning beauty finally won me over. She wore me down. She is so fucking hot that I've become a major convert. Awesome!!
hozerjoe about 6 years ago
You at Digital Desire really hit the ball out of the park on this photoshoot. Beautiful model and excellent photography.
christophec about 6 years ago
Nothing to say about the body but her face... She doesn't look very... inspired.
tim315 about 6 years ago
Totally fucking awesome!!!!!
chrisdolphin about 6 years ago
Shay is always welcome. One of my all-time favorites. This is a great set. Great lighting and poses.
underdog about 6 years ago
Always the best. Thanks for the memories of Shay at her peak.
spartandream about 6 years ago
I know these photos are a few years old but DAMN Shay is the perfect woman. It's always nice to see more of her even if it is older stuff. Please bring her back for new and recently shot stuff. PLEASE!!!!
joefromiowa about 6 years ago
Ah, Sweet Shay in full bloom. Fellas, we will never see her as beautiful as she was when the Hicks crew captured these photos a few years ago. Legendary breasts, but how about those ass shots from 42 through 50? 5 stars.
oldjarhead3 about 6 years ago
All of the sudden I want some milk.......damn fine set,great looking woman
thecraw about 6 years ago
Thank you for another set of this incredible woman.
gr8g00gly about 6 years ago
It certainly is, Ollie
dallyn about 6 years ago
holy fuck

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