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The first word that comes to mind when I see Shawna is festive. She's high energy, and I can imagine her being the life of the party. We balanced strobe light with day light to illuminate Shawna in these pictures. Reason being, the high summer sun was creating shadows, which didn't allow for Shawna's beautiful blue eyes to pop the way they should. Flash a strobe on her face, and bam! magic eyes. -Mark Lit
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Member Comments (8)

jjj9999 said over 2 years ago
chrisdolphin said over 2 years ago
Just curious - is this a new set of Shawna and is she back modelling? Last industry news I could find was she got married in May of this year and had a baby girl in October 2011, and was happily retired. She's always been a favorite of mine so would love to see her modelling again. And either way this set was totally awesome.
christophec said over 2 years ago
Beautifull body. Cute but "baby" face. Something is missing. Something like a little... Grrrrr... Jimmysclaff's comment is excellent. Good joke !
daddyoh said over 2 years ago
Still one of the cutest chicks ever...boob job and all.
sepu811 said over 2 years ago
nice to see finally Shawna back! Awesome smile, perfect boobs & pussy & feets. Please MORE LIKE THIS!!!
tra56kaa57 said over 2 years ago
She looks gorgeous...and she only looks this gorgeous on DD.
tylerdurden9490 said over 2 years ago
Shawnas got a superb body, and she really gives the viewer a great show! I particularly like the camera work in # s 83-85, but the whole set rocks!
michaeljones2 said over 2 years ago
Blast from the past. Shawna was lovely, just too bad she went hard core porn.