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big8doge9 over 3 years ago
the only word i have to say is Dammmmmn! more of her please!
emmsea almost 4 years ago
A sensational debut set! As I was stepping thru it, I got to shot 9 and, as my brain exploded I was thinking 'Oh my lord, what's to come!' I was not disappointed. Well done to the entire crew and of course, Miss Nina. Cheers, MC from Oz.
rufusk almost 4 years ago
Bulls eye.
captblei2 almost 4 years ago
Bravo! Excellent set of a beautiful woman. For those interested, Ms. North's "Talent Search" set from June 24, 2015 is under the name "Caroline Tofoya." Which is a bit odd, since even there her model card says "Stage Name: Nina North."
rickmar1 almost 4 years ago
Oh my f***ing word! She is amazing. I would so love to bury my face in those gorgeous tits and I have to agree on #85. You guys have really been on your A game for the last couple of weeks. Thanks and keep it up.
uptonogood almost 4 years ago
Beautiful woman; beautiful photography; Beautiful photo set! The artistic quality is just as enjoyable as the erotic aspects of this set. Nina and the DD team did a great job on this one.
trinity1945 almost 4 years ago
Absolutely outstanding! It is a joy to see a set like this, with a model strutting her stuff to the max and the photographers capping her every move with freshness & imagination. If Nina North never does another set -- or if she does a thousand -- this one will be one for the record books. Thank you, Nina! And thanks, DD: you guys outdid yourselves here.
dudeski almost 4 years ago
There is some serious photography and lighting in this set in which Ms North lushness beauty is tip top.
estolido almost 4 years ago
Fantastic pear-shaped tits! And that fragant pussy in #85... Mmmmm!

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