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christopher1981 • about 4 years ago
Stunning babe! And what a sexy pussy this babe has. Delicious!! :p Her body is rockin'. And my god, her tits are nice.
sirkingduke • almost 5 years ago
Sooooo perrrky
dancan38 • about 5 years ago
Nathalie's nipples are like a freshly uncorked bottle : you're dying to lift it to your mouth and get a long draught
dancan38 • about 5 years ago
A stunner ! And seeing the number of comments , she definitely knows how to please ! Thank YOU Nathalie !
dsshop • over 5 years ago
Slim Jeans with heels. I love that look. Combine that with those small tits with the nipples sticking straight up! Amazing looking woman!
pieters • over 5 years ago
jjj9999 • over 5 years ago
eveq101 • over 5 years ago
*** 1/2
michaeljones2 • over 5 years ago
Lovely young lady. Nice addition to DDG family. Look forward to the video. Hopefully Natalie will make more future appearances.
michaeljones2 • over 5 years ago
Lovely young lady. Nice addition to DDG family. Look forward to the video. Hopefully Natalie will make more future appearances.
georgia22 • over 5 years ago
Nice set.
brom845 • over 5 years ago
Yes! I have a thing for topless women in jeans, so I was happy to see a few of those shots here.
tehcumseh • over 5 years ago
It appears that they would fit perfectly into a champagne glass... and taste better than Dom Perignon.
biker88 • over 5 years ago
Fantastic shoot! What a beautiful girl! However, I am afraid that those nipples are going to put someone's eye out. But, I've got my safety glasses on and ready to go in for a closer look. Damn, this set is worth a whole year's subscription!
eddie111 • over 5 years ago
daddyduh your sense of humor, and knack for sarcasm are both brilliant, however your aesthetic for the visual arts is about as refined as a cat turd. Great job DD. I look forward to Natalia's vid!
daddyoh • over 5 years ago
What a perfect girl! I simply CAN'T WAIT for November 21 to see how you FUCK UP her video! Please make sure it's dark, and murky, out of focus if possible, maybe some objects in the way of various body parts. And I have total faith that you can deliver on all of that! (big thumbs-up for the girl, and the pictorial...big thumbs down in anticipation of the video).
coniow • over 5 years ago
17 comments and all of them positive! I have been looking forward to this set since I saw the 'rushes' on the daily word, and I am not disappointed! beautiful girl, lovely breasts with the most amazing nipples (did some body say Brea Bennett, but not blonde?) As for the shoot: Plenty of full length shots (thank you!), lots of views (and especially the close ups) of her perfect bust (thank you again!). Definitely one of the best. PLEASE SANTA, WHAT I WOULD LIKE FOR CHRISTMAS : NATALIE HEART PLAYING WITH LENA NICOLE then I could dream I was in heaven!
nessent320 • over 5 years ago
Call me crazy if you want, but photo #3 of her face is hot. (The rest is too.)
nessent320 • over 5 years ago
What a honey. Yum.
tra56kaa57 • over 5 years ago
Oh. My. Goddess...
sonofzog • over 5 years ago
I gave her only four stars for her Talent Search session. Now, five stars might not be enough. Definitely a very lovely young woman but your talented crew polished this jewel perfectly.
tylerdurden9490 • over 5 years ago
What a wonderfully natural looking beauty you have placed before us! And I particularly love photos 85-110........ ...Natalies heavenly body emerging from the shadows
barondrandy • over 5 years ago
I'm a Bush fan too! But, the photographer here understands the marvel of the soft nipple begging to be kissed
reboulin • over 5 years ago
Natalie,une magnifique poupée !!! ¤¤¤ LOVE ¤¤¤
rickmar • over 5 years ago
Gorgeous girl, tight, hot body and nipples made for sucking on. A little bush would be nice, but, if that's the only thing lacking.......... More, more more!
simchris • over 5 years ago
100% gorgeous in every way. Wow.
tits4tat • over 5 years ago
Really beautiful girl. Nicely shot. This is what we pay for.
willyworm • over 5 years ago
Fantastic girl, bring on the bush!
sepu811 • over 5 years ago
mkmmmmmmmmmm please more!!
dugout100 • over 5 years ago
Not a bad shot in bunch but some incredibly beautiful shots that capture her essence. Great job!!!!!
blownchevy • over 5 years ago
Bush or No Bush Natalie is the Hottest thing on DD right Now!
maxgilmour • over 5 years ago
Marvelous. Just imagine the same Natalie with a bush...

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