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cfdietcoke • almost 4 years ago
I have to say that seeing her again in this set is even more breathtaking than the first time I saw it! I also have to say that she has an amazing blend--perhaps the best--of assets of your models and the many models I've seen in my lifetime. I hope she poses for you more in the days to come.
dancan38 • about 4 years ago
Splendid #105, 109 & 110 !!!
who8bat8 • about 5 years ago
1 smokin hott babe keep up the good work! and bring her back for more.
mcflys • about 5 years ago
OMG! Miss Salinas is spectactular, please bring her back!
cfdietcoke • about 5 years ago
Lovin' it!!! Megan is amazing! Her beauty is stunning and breathtaking!! She's got cover girl looks for sure! And, the sequence of shots from dressed to nude is phenomenal. I'm hoping that her next photo and video sets are unveiled soon!
ppetep • about 5 years ago
Have to agree with darlings. Beautiful set, beautiful model, but way too many nearly identical shots included. It does get rather repetitious.
rickmar • about 5 years ago
This girl is priceless! The only thing I didn't like was that there were too many shots with her hair hiding 1/2 of that beautiful face. I found it to be a distraction after a while. I still give this set a 5+!!
oldscoob • about 5 years ago
This is a first photo set I have downloaded. Fantastic.
dsshop • about 5 years ago
Love her! Wears those skinny jeans and heels beautifully. Pretty Ass. Pretty Feet. Pretty Pussy! Good Choice DD!
spartandream • about 5 years ago
Finally. I've been waiting for this set ever since they showed her preview a couple of weeks back. Damn, It was worth the wait. But please don't make us wait so long for more of her.
gobucks79 • about 5 years ago
FANTASTIC shoot, wonderful model, OH MY!!! everything perfect ... let's go to the video tape!!!! ; > )
mtntrails • about 5 years ago
Any doubts about DD's ability to carry on are put to rest with this series. The photography and model are absolutely superlative. Subtlety different approach, kudos to the entire production staff and especially the lovely Megan !!
sexaddict • about 5 years ago
Perfection. All I can add is: Please bring her back for more shoots!
lostnoiz • about 5 years ago
dugout100 • about 5 years ago
Wow! perfect in every way! Photography, poses, settings, model, beauty!
michaeljones2 • about 5 years ago
Nothing like a beautiful girl in a nice fitting pair of jeans. Megan is lovely and a great find. This was an awesome set and hope there is a video that follows. Thanks.
sepu811 • about 5 years ago
WOWWWWWWWWW this set is pure perfection!! U did an amazing work on this sexy and perfect girl. Please more like this and nice number of pics!
dancan38 • about 5 years ago
At long last, a perfect set, I quite agree with all of Valarana's post... the set ending with no dangling panties, no shoes, no annoying bra or whatever in the view !!! THANKS A MILLION, DD !!!
dancan38 • about 5 years ago
one word only : YES !!!
valarana • about 5 years ago
This is truly exceptional work from DD. Everything we have been asking for and more. Stunning model with breasts to be believed, an ass to die for, and lips beyond compare. The complete package, expertly photographed and finished. And a nice, complete set of photos from clothed shots to full cookie. Looking forward to more sets from this rare beauty.
rabbit07 • about 5 years ago
great set thanks dd .....god those tits and her long hair, perfect!would like to see more meagan ;)
celsocastilla1 • about 5 years ago
Just got back home from work to find...THIS. Mercy.

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