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rickmar1 over 3 years ago
The orange is a really nice touch with her beautiful red hair. The orange is also appropriate since I'm looking at this on Trick or Treat night. I could get arrested for answering the door with a hard on.
sexaddict over 6 years ago
Phenomenally beautiful redhead. Great skin too, which (as a redhead myself, I'm allowed to say this) doesn't happen often in the package deal. Her breasts are just the size I like best, her nipples small and dark, her labia a perfect compromise between too much and too little... This woman is really put together!
eveq101 almost 7 years ago
Nothing like a Red Head who knows how to bring the Fire Up!
tylerdurden9490 almost 7 years ago
26 and 53 are my favorite pics here. And the colors really POP. Almost qualifies as a visual edge shoot? Nice.
tkback1 almost 7 years ago
Beautiful eyes, fiery copper hair: check. Round full breasts, perfect nips, sweet smile: check. Great posing, orange lingerie to make her shine: check. Just add a sexy "flirt" video with some real heat and GTG!
simchris almost 7 years ago
More please :-)
jnschmidt almost 7 years ago
Marie always reminds me why I love redheads so much. So sexy.
pjp1959 almost 7 years ago
Her hair is kissed by fire. Love it.
tits4tat almost 7 years ago
Marie is one of my very favorite models on DD. I like the shots that are here, but it seems like there should be a second half to the shoot.
celsocastilla1 almost 7 years ago
I've been waiting for this one. The color scheme caught my eye right away. And Marie is an favorite of mine. #22 will go down as one of my all time favorite soft shots. Marie's eyes pull you in like a tractor beam. And that slight dip of the shoulder tells reinforces her intention go grab attention.
lokiloki01 almost 7 years ago
IIIII like it! 54 is awesome. Good color and props.
loucious almost 7 years ago
Epic Fail??? Whatever! Beautiful model and EXCELLENT photography AS usual....!
sepu811 almost 7 years ago
Mmmmm nice

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