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who8bat8 about 6 years ago
ravicvts49 over 6 years ago
your pussy so nice that I want to eat like christmas cake
stamerican over 6 years ago
YOWSA!!! She made my little general stand at attention, and made it a very merry Christmas for me last year. ENCORE, please....I'm trying to forget how good this video was so I can watch it over and over again, and still be amazed and delighted by Macy. Was she named after the department store? If so, I'm requesting an early birthday and Christmas present.
infinity4000 over 6 years ago
I cant stop thinking about her. Just a great girl with a awesome body! Go ahead and show us some more! thank you for that great gift.
callmezeke over 6 years ago
Wow wow wow. Macy would be one of the sexiest ladies ever, just as she was created. The only excuse for vandalizing such natural beauty would be to conceal a nasty scar. But there's no hint there was one to cover. Ten stars for Macy, minus three for the tat. It's not nearly as bad as crappy-boob-job scars. But it does detract, and I'm glad DD airbrushed it out of her photoset.
qqqqq4 over 6 years ago
~ I think for Christmas I'll shop in Macy ~
reboulin over 6 years ago
Mère Noel sublime !!!
rickmar over 6 years ago
Now I know I was a good boy last year to get a present like this. Thank you J Stephen Claus and especially thank you Macy!
nightstalker62 over 6 years ago
What can I say other then WOW!! brigun....your right how could she of done something like knowing it would upset you? She should have know it was all about what you want, and nothing to do with what she wants to do with her own body.
asshole69 over 6 years ago
robter1 over 6 years ago
Wow...quierun regalo come este...hermosa mujer

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