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who8bat8 over 5 years ago
love the under wear tease, also like when there is a short short tease
reinaa2 almost 6 years ago
Oh my goodness, she with her legs behind her head is just mindblowing. Too bad there aren't too much pictures in that pose. It is so lovely when girls do that. An encore possible?
kidmumbles almost 6 years ago
I love those eyes and anus, and you kept your shoes on -thanks - any chance of imacking your muff?
coniow almost 6 years ago
Good to see some fur, and I really love the way she pulls out her nipples in a couple of the shots: Wish more girls would do that, especially in videos. Thank you to the gents behind the lens for listening to the requests for full length shots: they have been noticed and are appreciated. I wonder if she calls her rabbit 'Robert' (think "What, You talking to ME?!" DeNero).
erwinm almost 6 years ago
Simply stunning woman! Physically, as far as my tastes go, she is near perfection. The tat could go, but it is but a minor complaint. Overall a great set, except for #131-133. While an impressive display of flexibility, they kind of creep me out.
dsshop almost 6 years ago
Normally I am a sucker for a Blonde in short jean shorts. For Logan, I will make the exception! What an AMAZING SEXY BEAUTIFUL HOT BABE! Love her in those black heels! Incredible set Logan!
tits4tat almost 6 years ago
Why does she have Frank from "Donnie Darko" tattooed on her stomach? I'm going to start a laser removal business for when this horrible fad runs it's course. Gorgeous girl otherwise.
christophec almost 6 years ago
Beautifull girl, beautifull light, beautifull pictures (especially the portraits). Once again, the tat (ridiculous and ugly. Fed up with those tats !...).

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