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aixx80 • almost 3 years ago
yes she is very sexy
millburn19 • over 4 years ago
Love shot #88....so yummy. I just bounce back between that sexy intriguing glare and the juicy pussy she has so perfectly opened for us to salivate over. Great set. Lena is such a natural beauty.
mikesteed • almost 5 years ago
Fantastic. Don't ever ruin that body with tats or fake boobs. Stay classy and keep us hard baby!!!
coniow • almost 5 years ago
I did wonder if there was a stills set to go with the video. I am not disappointed now that it has come out, other than at how long it took! Lena, always good!
dancan38 • almost 5 years ago
hers is not an ass, it's a joyful pair of bouncing buttocks, a beautiful bum, a voluptuous bulge, a yummy backside, flirtatious and firm : a real character in itself ... Love #3 as well... cumfy in 31, promising in 33, scuptural in 74, awesome in 77, ominous in 80... You feel like cuddling it, hugging it, patting it, slapping it, kissing it, licking it, sucking at it, blowing into it, nozzling into it, drooling over it, resting your neck on it, leaning cheek-to-cheek with it... come on, guys, other suggestions !
lostnoiz • almost 5 years ago
Always a favorite ... I had been looking forward to this ever since I saw it in the upcoming section...thanks!
michaeljones2 • almost 5 years ago
Lena is one of the more beautiful DD girls. Great set, total jizzfest. Thank you!
sepu811 • almost 5 years ago
I always love Lena, perfect ASS, feets..legs...and so sexy face too. Nice set!! Thank you!
dmiller0099 • almost 5 years ago
I love that this young model still has pubic hair and natural breast. You know what you get when a model has cosmetic breasts and bald pubic region? Maybe a "live" blow up doll!!
dsshop • almost 5 years ago
Lena has always been a favorite. She is such a stunning BEAUTY! #8 is a favorite. Sunglasses pulled back showing that pretty face and smile! And an amazing pretty ASS to match! The video that goes with this set is great too. It is a flirt video so we get to hear Lena's SEXY voice!
turtlejack75 • almost 5 years ago
All I can say is amazing ass!!
bob1glitch • almost 5 years ago
Lena is nothing short of spectacular!!! Awesome set!!
samosam • almost 5 years ago
Beautiful legs.

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