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vizual 9 months ago
Lena: You are a beautiful woman; and it pleased me watching you pose. That said, as a teenager, unschooled in female anatomy, I would have found this quite instructive. But as a mature grown-up male (sort of, LOL), I found the graphic shots unnecessary. Too much. You seem like a female men want, well-figured, sexy, sexual, and FEMININE. I think the best array is when the actress displays her deeper self. Still, nice job. Thank you.
coniow almost 2 years ago
Lena now has a Talent set posted December 7th under the name Jordan West. If you want to see the contrast between the Beauty above, and the pretty girl in the street, take a look. I did not recognize her, (Respect to Captblei who did).
rickmar1 almost 2 years ago
Just when I was beginning to think you would never get her completely naked--Voila! There she was in 101 in all her splendor and my prayers were answered. Lena has the whole package and I hope she becomes a DD regular. Outstanding!
trinity1945 almost 2 years ago
Congratulations, Charles, both on this Lena set and on the Lena sets you posted on MET-Art. Lena is quite a fine addition both to DD & to MET. And, Lena, congratulations on your work here and on MET. You know how to bring it, a rare talent. I hope we see much more high quality work from you. Thank you & good luck.
ninobarlini almost 2 years ago
Be still my heart. 5 stars. No question, 5 stars. Lena is simply drop dead gorgeous. That dazzling smile, enchanting eyes, and willowy body set my loins aquiver. I await her video with bated breath. Boy, oh, boy, I'm glad it will be here in less than 24 hours.

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