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timbini1 • almost 3 years ago
One of the best sets of photos I've seen on D.D.! Very lovely woman, with her legs spread throughout the set, not too many close ups, but I love the close ups of her face and pussy And I have to agree: photo #76 is excellent!
adamt9 • over 3 years ago
@millburn19 I think it's the "cute girl next door behaving badly" thing she has going. Agree with wholeheartedly with all below comments. Yummy!
millburn19 • almost 4 years ago
More Lacey! She has that certain something that is hard to put into words...not classic beauty, but totally stunning and makes you stop and take notice. Shot #90 is incredible, body just right and her pussy lips perfectly open and lusciously inviting.
jocelyn1st • about 4 years ago
What about her so-called "ethnic mix"? Is she partly asian?
who8bat8 • about 4 years ago
Hott! wow what a wonderful babe!
tattler • about 4 years ago
this one very sexy lady - ooh la la!
superbigfan • over 4 years ago
pastelpain • over 4 years ago
My forever favorite. More Lacey ASAP.
jjjed6 • over 4 years ago
Great set. Beautiful girl, great outfit, nice poses. More please
michaeljones2 • over 4 years ago
Very nice set.
mariom1 • over 4 years ago
Nice girl, nice set, need more please.
eldrydge26 • over 4 years ago
All of the set is simply AWESOME. Cannot wait since February when she was added in the DD Incoming post. Lacey is definitely a 5 Star !!! Beautifull curves, beautifull face, ... eyes ... Just Perfect. Great Work DD, and thank you for the Dream Lacey
dancan38 • over 4 years ago
hey ! you're all forgetting #103 !!! She's both unbelievably gorgeous, beautiful , desirable, sexy and arousing, devourable, ... AND cute ! I love Lacey ! with all respect ! Wow ! What a set ! I'm left shaking with lust ! she's a dream goddess !!! No mixed feelings, no after-thoughts, she's definitely a 5* !!!
sexaddict • over 4 years ago
Fantastic set. What a body! The way her gnarly, pink labia stay parted is just SO INVITING. OMG... Words fail.
christophec • over 4 years ago
Agree with Valarana !
valarana • over 4 years ago
Very sexy woman with a world class body. One of the best DD shoots of a newer model in some time. Thanks, DD crew.
dsshop • over 4 years ago
I like Lacey! Favorites - # 36 So CUTE! and #142 So HOT & SEXY!
number23 • over 4 years ago
Such a beautiful girl, very sexy set.
nob666 • over 4 years ago
I agree, 76 best shot, realy lovely !!!
dugout100 • over 4 years ago
69-76 are fantastic with 76 being the best! Luv it!!

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