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dancan38 about 5 years ago
Ditto baalanp a year ago... Exactly what I posted for her Sep 3 2009 vid... Monkey paw, I too think her buttocks are very virile (profile too flat)and I prefer Mia Malkova's, much more overwhelming. But still... she sways them most efficiently.
monkeypaw over 6 years ago
One of the most beautiful and sexy models ever! The person who said that 'baby gots no back' couldn't be more deluded. Her ass is round, firm and as near to perfection as any that I've seen -- and that's saying a lot! But I guess some guys love huge, plump, chunky, cottage cheese-filled asses that are dimpled like golf balls ... to each their own.
baalanp72248 over 6 years ago
I feel like SUCH a dirty old man watching Kim, but I just can't stop. she is in my personal TOP 10 of today's models. Please, never change, Kim

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