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coniow • almost 4 years ago
Just a thought: If every single member posted a comment on one particular daily word (for example). . . 668 posts. . . I wonder how long it would take to read them all! LOL. Would that be Todd's worst nightmare I wonder?
madmike • almost 4 years ago
It's amazing how being lumped into a category automatically makes one resist being categorized.....though it's accurate enough I suppose in this case. As a member of the elusive silent majority I feel I have to speak up at least this once and say, while I've enjoyed her previous works the whole workout thing just doesn't work so thumbs up is for last third of video
pep9917bb • almost 4 years ago
I liked her. She is young and spirited and seems ready for fun. Not so posed and polished like a Stepford Doll.
coniow • almost 4 years ago
Oh! You guys are sods! How many times have I been to the Gym and watched a beautiful woman exerting herself, and wondered what she would look like with the leotard off? ;-P Now if I go to the gym again, all I will see is Kimber's boyant young breasts bobbling in front of me! Oh, MAN! This time Kimber definitely made my Day.
dugout100 • almost 4 years ago
Fun change of pace; playful and whimsical.

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