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millburn19 almost 5 years ago
Kiera is so elegant and erotic! This is one of the best sets on the website. Her curves are incredible and so well captured here. Shot 34 is so sexy with her long legs, great ass and perfect side tit. Only to be topped by #40 with the hot stockings, perfect spread, flared pussy, puffy nipples and yearning look. But then there is #64 and #69 as she continues to show off virtual perfection.
dsshop about 6 years ago
Kiera is a hot sexy babe! Love the way she looks in those boots!
who8bat8 about 6 years ago
hello hello what a beautiful lady!
kidmumbles about 6 years ago
I want to squirt my cock up Kiera's lovely arse
sarah25 almost 7 years ago
gorgeous set!
dugout100 about 7 years ago
A great set of a wonderful girl!
pussyman2 about 7 years ago
Holy Moley! Great set by why does a girl with such a hauntingly beautiful face, pierce it?
spazz720 about 7 years ago
One of the best shoots in a while. A sultry beauty who lets her eyes present a sense of desire and passion that most models lack. Excellent
rickmar about 7 years ago
Definately want to see more of her. What a great set and beauty!
lokiloki01 about 7 years ago
Very nice, 34, 49 and 77 are fantastic.
divercraig about 7 years ago
Very sexy.
manand3 about 7 years ago
more please!
sonofzog about 7 years ago
Agree completely on the quality of the set and Kiera's beauty. The sequence is particularly well done; I love the way that the shots starting at 12 build up the impact of 15, when she turns those gorgeous eyes directly at the camera. Wow!
georgia22 about 7 years ago
Agree with Eve... Interesting use of light, shadow and angles. Very artfully and tastefully done. Gorgeous model. It would have been nice to have a few full-frame pics, but altogether a great set.
simone about 7 years ago
upturned nipples and a pouting pussy, perfection
eveq101 about 7 years ago
Wow what an array of seductive imagery, all the elements that make a great picture are present: the color, light, and shadows are in balance just making great imagery. I love the focusing of the imagery, is well manipulated and controlled very professionally, great great set. I love he head shots, and portrait images, and the capture of her tantalizing SEX is just enjoyable. This set is Chocolate to My Eyes.
moonwolf about 7 years ago
Beautiful... she is sexy and sultry! Love the sensual and artistic poses!

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