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ddjk9mm over 2 years ago
Amazing! Jessie has lovely eyes, lips, hair, skin, body, and look. Nice detail and lighting, as if one were there. Well done.
dsshop over 5 years ago
My favorite! A beautiful Blonde, amazing ASS, and short jean shorts! #62 - WOW - Amazing shot of those pretty FEET along with a nice spread shot showing that perfect little ASSHOLE! And #95 shows her exquisite BEAUTY!
jjj9999 almost 6 years ago
kersje about 6 years ago
high VOLTAGE, supernice, cute
chippa69 about 6 years ago
You cant please them all, This shoot is one of the best for a long time. If more french girls looked like Jessie the world would be a better place.
gr8g00gly about 6 years ago
Double D around here was always a happy accident unless I miss my guess. I get a charge out of Volt!
michaeljones2 about 6 years ago
I like Jessie. Hope to see more of her soon! Thanks.
dean9923 about 6 years ago
GREAT pussy!!!!! This is exactly why I have been a member for close to 10 years. Bent over, on her back spread wide, and from oblique angles. Nobody shoots beautiful women's pussies better. Keep up the great work, and NEVER listen to any comments that suggest too many pussy shots. You could never post enough.
tits4tat about 6 years ago
Pussies look alike on every girl?!? I wish I could post pictures here to show how wrong that notion is. I don't get the foot thing either- at all. To each their own.
turtlejack75 about 6 years ago
Nice pussy, but after seeing Natalia Starr, the bar has been raised.
georgia22 about 6 years ago
Great girl, great set. Thanks for getting her naked.
darlings01966 about 6 years ago
Her pussy is so lovely, it's like Goddess gave it special attention when she was created!
sepu811 about 6 years ago
number 62 and 72 are the shoot positions that I love most in every set
sepu811 about 6 years ago
as said by tyler, I appreciated the focus on legs and feets....damn, seeing this beauty in barefoot makes me crazy. What an awesome sexy set...she is perfect yummmmmm
tylerdurden9490 about 6 years ago
I appreciate the extra attention her legs and feet got in this shoot, and the fact that she got completely undressed! Jessie looks great naked!

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