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madmike about 6 years ago
More please
madmike about 6 years ago
If she didnt have that gap shed be too perfect....dont change a thing this is one of top ten hottest vids on this site
hozerj about 6 years ago
This is one nice Video. she is my new favorite DDG. You folks hit the ball over the park wall on this video.
doctordiesel over 6 years ago
What Beautiful sexy Hottie! This is one of the best masturbation vids you guys have done for a while,, Jenna obviously loves peforming for the camera!!. The shot of her girly sauce oozing out of her kitty half way thru needed to be longer!! Sexy sexy Baby!!! More like this please!!!!
biker88 over 6 years ago
Gapped teeth models are all the rage these days, and I find them extremely sexy myself. Check out Lindsey Wilson, Lara Stone or Georgia Mae Jagger. Very hot!
biker88 over 6 years ago
I love the gap!!! There have been a number of top models in the past with a similar gap. Very sexy IMHO. And of course, the rest of her is absolute perfection. I could watch this video a hundred times and not get tired of it. Absolutely beautiful.
fuerte93 over 6 years ago
I was waiting for her for too much time, more,more,more,please!...who care about her teeth...!
mangabee over 6 years ago
fucking loved it, she exudes sex! Can you imagine being a crew member of DD watching this go down. Lucky fucking dawgs!!!
one2play2 over 6 years ago
This is one of the BEST Vids B-F'en BEAUTIFUL Jenna and B-F'en great camera work. If you are looking at her teeth your an idiot!! Jenna and this video is why is subscribe!!!! GREAT WORK!!! 50 gillion stars!!!
dsshop over 6 years ago
Jenna is FUCKING GORGEOUS! Beautiful small TITS. Very pretty PUSSY. SEXY Pretty FEET! Amazing Flat Tummy! Nice hard perfectly sized nipples! And WOW - what an Incredible ASS! Especially when she is bent over sticking it up in the air all spread! Pretty Fingers that she likes to suck on. And I think the gap in her front teeth is SEXY and gives her that different Beautiful Look! For those of you with an issue with that gap, I suggest you imagine your cum dripping between that gap and I guarantee your issues will go away. Beautiful Video Jenna!
mrdbeach over 6 years ago
One of your best videos!!
ulysses1776 over 6 years ago
I remember a few years ago Jenna Jameson was thought to be not sexy because she had an over-bite. Bet she's laughing all the way to the bank. Jenna Ross: keep your gap. I think it's sexy as hell & I'll bet you can spit 20 feet thru it, too.
rhyull over 6 years ago
Must be a dentists convention in town! Most people would sooner look at her sexy tits.
ravicvts49 over 6 years ago
Dear J.Ross you are really young and sexy,please take advice of a dentist for gap in your teeth,thanks.
mickey over 6 years ago
wzrdwr over 6 years ago
Fuckin' HAWT!

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