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rickmar1 • 5 months ago
4 years later and I still say there is nothing not to like. My God! I would love to ride that bronco.
mullinsp • over 4 years ago
great tits n arse... love her
johnnye • over 4 years ago
she knows how to move those big fantastically beautiful tits.
jonwest • almost 5 years ago
Many thanks for re posting this video, as a new member I would not have seen it.It was fantastic best ever. Gianna really is very special!
lst846 • almost 5 years ago
If I were a Girl that would be me Hot, Horney and Frustrated. Wish I were there to help.
yapyapyapyipyeep • almost 5 years ago
gianna is the greatest thing to happen to porn, other than JSH of course
qqqqq4 • about 5 years ago
~ always a very fine job Stephen.. Thank you and Happy New Year to all who put the heart, soul and body into DD's success.. always grateful for a job well done.. ~
kingmoski • about 5 years ago
My my my ....... just amazing!!!!!!! She is awesome !!!!!!! Who is complaining? huh? freaking little shits !!!!!! who cares if it is rerun? Don't be sorry did a great job guys!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!
jay135 • about 5 years ago
I don't know how anyone could be bummed by a repost of this. What a gorgeous looking woman Gianna is.
njcelt • about 5 years ago
Reminds me of "Love me two times" but I'm glad cause I wasn't here then & would have missed otherwise. What bowsersheepdog said!
brigun • about 5 years ago
WOW!!! are those real? She is nice and full woman...
bowsersheepdog • about 5 years ago
what jtropp3 said.
rhyull • about 5 years ago
Certainly better to have it twice than not at all. Lovely big soft tits!
rickmar • about 5 years ago
I didn't see anything NOT to like. Good job by all.
darlings01966 • about 5 years ago
Loved it! Truly orgasmic. Don't know what more we could ask for in such a scenario.
tra56kaa57 • about 5 years ago
I like curves. Gianna definitely has curves, GREAT curves. She has never looked better. Enjoyable!

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