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dgmiller4 • 3 months ago
Would LOVE a video of Gia... Bring her back!!!
dgmiller4 • 6 months ago
Like Georgia, but even hotter!!! Please, bring her back!!!
fbwlou • 6 months ago
Miss Gia Page is GORGEOUS in every way and her pussy lips are to die for! Beautiful face; lovely eyes; great bush and a spectacular butt! There's nothing wrong with only getting what you could. Possibly if she sees how well received her photos are she will reconsider and do a video. Only time will tell.
rickmar1 • 6 months ago
I didn't pick up on it while viewing the set, but, I do see some Georgia in her style (a good thing). However, she seems poised and confident enough in front of the camera that I suspect this is her natural style. I agree that an occasional smile would go a long way. I am looking forward to the remaining sets you have on her and hope you can get her back for more.
dudeski • 6 months ago
I was thinking the same, she has the Georgia Jones look, perfectly fine with me, A face and look that is calm and memorizing, I like indoor shoots that are darker, she fits the bill.
coniow • 6 months ago
I really do hope there is a video to go with this set? Quite remarkable the way Gia follows Georgia Jones: The look in the eyes, the tilt of the head and more than a few of the poses. If it is intentional and she has been studying Georgia, (never a bad idea, learning from one of the best), it has paid off, if not, then she is doing well. It would be nice to see the odd smile to compare with the 'sultry' look, though. The girl with the bright welcoming smile will get the vote every time, the girl with the sultry 'smoulder' will come next. The girl who does BOTH: she is the winner!

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