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sepu811 over 5 years ago
SHE IS PERFECTION! Please more, and in barefoot or black stocking!!
doctordiesel over 5 years ago
I want too answer the " What more could you want? " question Please!.. Have Emma sitting on my lap!
dsshop almost 6 years ago
After seeing her latest set, I had to go back and check out some more of sexy hot Emma! She has the sexiest long skinny leg I would love to have wrapped around me!
halfast11 over 6 years ago
I love the tats. 51-56 are great, don't hide the tats celbrate them. nobody gets a life changing tat without some sort of personal meaning. I'd love to hear the story of their meaning from her. You guys quit your whining! Just go to a different models set.
brom845 over 6 years ago
I don't always like tattoos, but these work. And, of course, she's a beautiful woman.
eveq101 over 6 years ago
**** 1/2
itt1968 over 6 years ago
Emma, IMO, is one of the hottest woman on this site PERIOD. with or without tatts she is one sexy woman and verry beautiful!
nightstalker62 over 6 years ago
all these people complaining about the tattoos....get over it, the only one she has to worry about satisfying is...herself....apparently those that posted here dont mind the tattoos to much, otherwise they wouldn't have stayed on the site long enough to commment
zippy33 over 6 years ago
great fucking nipples!!!!!!!!!!
sepu811 over 6 years ago
amazing! please more!!
blownchevy over 6 years ago
Wow what a 10, the tats are hot!
tits4tat over 6 years ago
She's like a new Ferrari with a tacky airbrush mural painted on the side. Some things are right as they are and don't need 'embellishment'.
georgia22 over 6 years ago
Great to see more of Emma Mae. Nice follow-up set.
dreamer24 over 6 years ago
nice she looks like a suicide girl with those tattoos

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