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freelover72 • about 2 years ago
Beautiful - Sensual & Serene :-)
rhyull • almost 3 years ago
Welcome back Rem888. It's the sense of community as well as the girls who make DD stand alone.
dugout100 • almost 3 years ago
Simply stated - beautiful!!!
drknight1 • almost 3 years ago
Ditto monkeypaw!
monkeypaw • almost 3 years ago
Chloe your beauty is striking and I enjoyed every moment of your video. You're and inspiration even without the more intimate probing and obligatory close-ups that most models must provide to keep our attention. I'm sure the typical Neanderthal will disagree and find it boring and move on to lewder pastures but, I for one, could watch your petite body and beautiful face for hours. You're exactly why I keep coming back to DD.

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