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doggone2 • about 4 years ago
Just a BEAUTIFUL woman!! Bring her back for more. Great find!!
mickey • about 4 years ago
Sure hope someone captured this angelic creature on video... would luv to watch her move...... geez, gorgeous.... we need more of Gabby, Abby, Chloe, Haney, whatever she chooses to go by is FINE with me, as long as she comes back and does buncha video work.... totally awesome and HOT as a pistol.... black lingerie and tall, strappy heels in front of a mirror, is my recommendation for a video...LOL
banjoman • about 4 years ago
absolutely stunning lady
ttlsteve • about 4 years ago
She has always been one of my favorite models. Absolutely gorgeous and that headshot that others have commented on just proves it! You also got to love that booty...
tommy366 • about 4 years ago
Quite lovely, and I surprised myself by greatly admiring the head shot (5 photos from the end) --- just like the previous commenter. What's wrong with me? All these luscious tits, pussies, derrieres .... and I'm captivated by a HEAD shot!
coniow • about 4 years ago
Been anticipating Chloe's set (or was that Gabby at one point? LOL), since her 2 appearances in the the Daily Words (May 20th '14 and May 2nd '14). The earlier of these say this was: "Gabby. Produced 4-30-14." Love the set and Chloe, the last 5 pics standing out with the head shot in particular! Classic. (Damn! Nothing to winge about! I feel deprived!) LOL.
amantecono • about 4 years ago
Beautiful Blonde!
dugout100 • about 4 years ago
Great set; great girl!
ttiottno • about 4 years ago
ok, I see (or don't see) a lot things people will NOT be able to complain about: no piercings or tats, very light but still extant pubes, doesn't look like a high-schooler, has slightly varied expressions, get's her few frillies off early, no draperies, bad light or other set issues. If this set doesn't please the whiners, I think you write them off.

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