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bowsersheepdog • about 4 years ago
on the subject of the set whilst i wouldn't say that celeste is a particular favourite of mine she is nonetheless a very sexy girl and i think the set has a reasonable balance between the temptation and the exposition. celeste seduces one into wanting more, gradually reveals herself and finally exhibits explicitly. it's a standard formula but it's stood the test of time because it meets the raison d'etre of a site like dd. sometimes in a set of a relatively small number of photos like the 54 here the transition between stages is slightly more abrupt than would be the case if that number were doubled but much as we members would like it to be so it's not always practical for every set to be huge. as i said, on balance i think this one gets it about right.
bowsersheepdog • about 4 years ago
oh and eddie, nice work exposing the irony of the nickname too.
bowsersheepdog • about 4 years ago
i am absolutely square alongside eddie111 with his view of pussyman's obnoxious reference to jsh. the lack of respect is indicative of a vile, yobbish nature that this site and the world at large would do much better without.
dancan38 • about 4 years ago
...as for the rest of the set, it's my usual 'complaint' of lack of sensible proportions given to full-view-no-clothes-on (none at all this time) and gynecological-views (far too many !!! with one exception : the last picture is an interesting curio !!!). My compliments, on the other hand, to the photog : you took into account the advice from some members to put the netherparts into perspective with the model's face included... Overall impression : Shyla is beautiful !
captblei2 • about 4 years ago
This may not be the photographer's or model's best work. But Celeste is always stunning and her girl/girl sets and videos are off the charts. I'd love to see her invited back to the ranch for more. Let her choose one of your newbies to seduce. Everybody wins.
dsshop • about 4 years ago
Don't care what anybody else says. I have liked Celeste for years now. A set or two of hers every year is good with me!

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