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rickmar1 • over 1 year ago
Shouldn't she be charged with some sort of a human rights violation for water boarding her pussy like that?
spartandream • over 5 years ago
Damn this girl is hot. She's the perfect blend of flirty innocense and naughty vixen. Please keep bringing her back.
dsshop • over 5 years ago
I love the way Cassie take those panties off. Legs up in the air. Getting the incredible first view of that pretty pussy and ass! Finally sliding off those pretty feet. Good job honey!
gobucks79 • over 5 years ago
I had a girl friend years ago who would materbate in a way similar to this .. in a tub, legs up the wall, water flowing down, she would cum like crazy, made me jealous of water... naaa, not really ... but running water sure works, use one of those shower massge things ... water pic?? on your lady some day! ; > ) great video!
sweetchuck • over 5 years ago
Great stuff! Beautiful wet pussy! Nice idea for the video.
eveq101 • over 5 years ago
** 1/2
perv77 • almost 6 years ago
whisle baby whisle baby let me know- (dam thats smoking hot). Paul.
jacotacocat9 • almost 6 years ago
Wow!"Fresh n' Natural" cums to mind! Sweet, naughty and loving every minute in front of the camera. I agree with others, her breasts, nipples and pussy are AWESOME and want to be able to taste her. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Big Thumbs Up, Way Up!
tiger1360 • about 6 years ago
Hi! Cassie You Gotta So Beautiful, Cute Face , Snow White Beauty Skin and So Sexy Beauty Bodies! So.. I Love ! Good Luck!! Tiger1360(MW)
mn3651 • about 6 years ago
sexy pretty girl with a hot all natural body. whew does she look good in a sundress.
lokiloki01 • about 6 years ago
Two thumbs up!!
penguin • about 6 years ago
Cute woman. Sexy video. Thanks.
muirbj9 • about 6 years ago
Nice pussy shots. I loved it.
paul513 • about 6 years ago
Great video. Cassie seems like a natural in front of the camera. Who knew bathroom sinks had so many uses? Keep up the good (and unusual) work!
amunet • about 6 years ago
Nothing better than a clean pussy!
letsflirtforfun • about 6 years ago
This one is sweet...good job DD!!

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