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lostnoiz over 6 years ago
I guess it would depend upon your definition of explicit. On this very site, there are 2 photo sets where CaliI does spread her legs.....(sets 11153 and 11154) and we get a full on view of her awesome pussy. In my opinion that's not really explicit ( I guess my definition of explicit would be the insertion of fingers and toys, engaging in sexual acts, etc) and I actually prefer non explicit (my definition of). To me a photoset is not complete without some open leg shots, preferably a few close ups ( admittedly too many get redundant... though I will never complain about too many close ups!). Don't get me wrong, she is banging hot! I simply wish she would have spread her legs during this shoot as she has done for you guys in the past. I have come to expect these particular shoots ( open leg and close up) on this site and that is why I am a subscriber.
sarah25 over 6 years ago
great set!
reboulin over 6 years ago
Une belle brune aux formes généreuses !!!
georgia22 over 6 years ago
Always a favorite...
rickmar over 6 years ago
WOW! I can see why there was a fire! There are a handful of models with enough natural beauty who can get by without doing spread shots and she is one of them. While most models will do them anyways (thank you), I give her credit for standing by her values. Great set!!
tylerdurden9490 over 6 years ago
Gorgeous model and great photography. I am glad you were able to salvage some usable photos even without the close ups of her cervix! LOL
sonofzog over 6 years ago
If she doesn't spread her legs for the camera, that just means we're not stuck with a dozen closeups of her cookie. Hmm, let me see, is this a good thing? Yes! Cali is simply gorgeous.
darlings01966 over 6 years ago
Cali is the goddess her name suggests--though all toward the benign side. Love the art of the erotic, and as suggested by others, it's good to see a less fetishistic approach to the full body.
halfast11 over 6 years ago
I know that I've whined about not having full body shots with legs. Now it's time for me to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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