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dsshop almost 6 years ago
Bree looks so Incredible in that Jean Skirt! She has the most amazing ASS and the jean skirt shows it perfectly! #90 and #91 - I love that look of the thong still on but it is not coming close to covering that pretty asshole! She has a beautiful little asshole that would be a DREAM to Kiss and Lick! Get the taste of that pussy on the tongue and move down to the asshole would be unbelievable! Very well done Bree!
spacedout over 6 years ago
my .........wow!
dkdmoore over 6 years ago
this is one of the most amazing set of shots I have seen anywhere. congrats to all involved. sets the gold standard.
woofy8 over 6 years ago
Thanks for one of the best sets of anybody, ever. The variety is perfect, as is Bree herself.
tylerdurden9490 over 6 years ago
Maybe this site needs a mission statement, so the prospective "new members" aren't shocked when they realize digital desire is Waaaaay more than your typical adults only site. Fantastic photos as usual folks! And of course, Bree is amazing to behold!,
jnschmidt over 6 years ago
Bree Daniels is almost too much perfection- Perfect face, perfect breasts, perfect ass, perfect pussy, perfect skin- It's just crazy! And great photography too, guys. Well thought out poses, good variety of images, and beautiful lighting. And thanks so much for making an effort to cover her tattoos. I don't have anything against them generally, but they don't seem to be a good match for Bree's doll-like beauty.
christophec over 6 years ago
19.9 out of 20... (At least).
dugout100 over 6 years ago
Great set celebrating a beautiful woman. I love the combination and variety of shots that truly emphasize her total beauty.
sepu811 over 6 years ago
killer work and awesome girl...mmmm what a perfect body!! please more!
darlings01966 over 6 years ago
Bree is utterly fantastic,as always, though I loved it when she had more red in her hair. I think girls with totally bleached out hair start to look too generic, as with all of Hef's girls.
aidan3 over 6 years ago
In my opinion, these images are absolute masterpieces of erotic art - as close to perfection as I expect to see.

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