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stamerican over 6 years ago
Now that everyone has had a chance to write a dissertation concerning real and fake boobs, I would just like to state I'm happy to see the nipple piercings gone.
halfast11 over 6 years ago
I've been studying #75-76 and 93-94. No matter which magnification I use I just can't tell if she has implants or not! In other words, who cares!
rickmar over 6 years ago
Spectacular!!! She had me spellbound.
oldjarhead3 over 6 years ago
Damn, this set of photos is number #1 Brea Lynn is so hot you could light a coffin nail off her ass !
davidhaney over 6 years ago
Thank you. Great shoot.
ch0k3h0ld over 6 years ago
Very nice set of a gorgeous lady. Shows creative thinking that should still please most.
tits4tat over 6 years ago
I love the lip/labia shots. It reminds me of Edward Weston and his shots of nude women that looked like bell peppers and shots of bell peppers that looked like nude women. Very clever boys. Great set overall.
liquidocelot over 6 years ago
Also, I'm of the opinion that Brea has one of the most amazing pair of breasts on the planet, fake or not (I think they are real)
liquidocelot over 6 years ago
Been waiting all month for this one. Brea is one of my favorite models on the site. Cheers!
baalanp72248 over 6 years ago
I've read there are generally 3 methods of "loading" implants; thru an incision at the nipple, thru an incision up in the armpit and thru an incision under the breast. Evidently, the 2nd & 3rd are used when the implant is to be under the boob and against the rib cage, while the nipple method is used when the implant is directly under the skin. Personally, I hate implants. I'd much rather look at a model like Suze, a gorgeous, A-cup redhead here on DDG, than a woman full of plastic. I pride myself on being able to spot the scars from the implant surgery, and I have to say, I see none on Brea tho she doesn't have her arms raised in these pics. Her boobs, however, are so perfectly round, they have to be fakes, right? Look at #s 87 & 88 tho. The way her right boob has shifted on her chest implies they're natural; fake boobs tend to stay where they are, regardless of the model's position. I think we all have to admit tho; Brea Lynn is a stunningly beautiful young lady.
gobucks79 over 6 years ago
I am going to go see if there is a video somewhere that goes along with this set ... wouldn't that be GREAT!
gobucks79 over 6 years ago
OK we know I do not like implants ... well if these are implants and I guess they must be ... GOOD WORK!!!! very attractive lady, well done
hs8092ad over 6 years ago
Second the comment about best set in a long time.
thecraw over 6 years ago
One of the best sets I've seen in a long time.
christophec over 6 years ago
Ooof, she's tough !...
nob666 over 6 years ago
One of my preferred top models!
tezzza over 6 years ago
great set of brea 5 stars
bluestraycat over 6 years ago
Absolutely fantastic!

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