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rickmar1 about 1 month ago
I have been going through my old favorites and the more I see of Arya the more she fires me up, with or without tats. I am becoming a HUGE fan. And if her tat is a religious symbol then sign me up if she could be my personal priestess.
coniow over 1 year ago
68 and 86. . . . . Now that's what I'm talking about ;-P ! Plus 107 for artistic value!
coniow over 1 year ago
I find that I like Arya with AND without the Mandala. Equally, but differently. It would be nice to see the whole set WITH the Mandala, to FEEL the difference in the vibe: See an actress dressed up in Leather and chains, Goth make-up, Thigh-High leather stiletto boots Etc and paint-on Tats, then see the same girl at the opening of the film, on the Red Carpet, dressed in a "Designer" backless outfit. A point to bear in mind: The Mandala IS a religious symbol, (like the christian cross, but with different meanings), so while she may have had it done just because it "looks pretty," I suspect it may mean a lot more. Now perhaps put Arya into a Red Leather outfit for a set (thinking Jezebelle Bond here guys ;-). . . . .
rickmar1 over 1 year ago
Another thanks for Photoshopping out that hideous tat. I'd like to know how drunk she was when she had that done. Unfortunately, we will see it in the video. She is an otherwise gorgeous woman. Still, this is a really good set.
droolmasterb over 1 year ago
Aria has all the making's of a Top 10.
bermany over 1 year ago
When you use Photoshop to hide the terrible Tattoo - thanks - why not the cover?

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