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mauddibb • almost 2 years ago
Congratulations, Mark and Charles, on another gracefully natural, beautifully artistic set. Definitely will have to be featured in an upcoming Daily Word. (Stop the press!) It certainly illustrates many of the themes I've highlighted. It must have taken a lot of effort to brush out every shot with a tattoo in it. Too bad you can't offer alternative versions of this set. I like the tat. It's obviously important to her, and I feel sad that this part of her personality is just wiped out. The one shot in this set that shows the tattoo is an artful stunner. Definitely, several of these shots will join my folder of the cream of DD (um, not an intentional pun...).
pulchra • almost 2 years ago
Great seeing the long full-length skirt, even if it's only in a handful of photos. Note to editors: more long skirts, please!
droolmasterb • almost 2 years ago
Even though the 21 year old was born in LA, she has that Czech Republic look I love.
rickmar1 • almost 2 years ago
Boy, how I would love to warm my face on that lovely, furry muff. She is scorching hot in spite of that nasty tat.
coniow • about 2 years ago
Firstly, 'Top Job' to whoever did the hair and makeup. The 'Tousled' hair look really suits Arya, and she uses it well. Plenty of confident eye contact here, the 'pensive' shots DO look thoughtful rather than shy/embarrassed and the odd pics where she smiles (34 and 47 for example) stand out. Like a lot of models, she should do it more often! If I have a gripe, it is the number of shots where her lovely breasts are covered, but at least, (thanks to those enticing erect nipples) even those suggest she is 'Glad to see you' :-). A good decision to not let the Tat stop you shooting her, as she has the looks to compensate. A lot of really good pictures of a really striking girl here.
pt7099 • about 2 years ago
She has a Tat?........GORGEOUS Woman!
ninobarlini • about 2 years ago
Stunning, absolutely stunning. Like smokenmoe, I don't think the tattoo detracts from her beauty, but I have to ask: Why, Arya, why?
smokenmoe • about 2 years ago
Absolutely, positively, THE most gorgeous person on the entire site. WOW.......... Even with the tat, A+, 10000 out of 100. Wow.......again!
jaguar2002 • about 2 years ago
She is really beautiful!

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