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Member Comments (7)

treasurechest99 said 9 months ago
Thumbsup Amazing Lady
jasjasv said about 1 year ago
Thumbsup mUY 90¨. mE GUSTA ESTA BARNI.
joefromiowa said over 1 year ago
Thumbsup I remember seeing Andrea in a couple of Penthouse layouts back in the 90s, and remember her sexual energy. 5/5
tylerdurden9490 said over 1 year ago
Thumbsup I like her looks, reminds me of over exaggerated features of a 40s or 50s pinup model. She also has beautiful eyes and lovely cheek bones, as well as a kick ass body. Coupled with some great poses and lighting (including the wonderful contrast of the rough wood next to her glowing soft skin) this ones a winner. But I have to say, I would much rather see her in heels or barefoot.........hate those "boots"
zoolander said over 1 year ago
Thumbsup Mouthwatering. Who cares about the name.
christophec said over 1 year ago
Thumbsup Beautifull eyes and terrific body.
banjoman said over 1 year ago
Thumbsup That’s harsh, try living in Papa New Guinea for a year. Andrea would be something that fell from heaven..!! Especially with those wonderful boobs and the little kitten between those legs..!! She is stunning..!! Merry Christmas Andrea..XX