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emmsea • over 3 years ago
Andie is one of a kind. Another set later in the year would be a wonderful Christmas present. Hint, hint. Grovel, grovel. Thanks for all her set, MC from OZ.
dugout100 • over 3 years ago
Andie just gets better and better every time!
sepu811 • over 3 years ago
all the naked feets captured in the different pics just make this set better and better...I love this kind of way to taking pics!
tazer7 • over 3 years ago
what a woman. and the big pussy lips are so sexy. would love to see a photo set with tight sheer white panties accentuating those lips and even letting them hang out on the sides. cannot get enough of andie. would hope some morer videos are in the works.
sepu811 • over 3 years ago
OMG what a killer set. Bikini+open sexy heels+barefoot+good amount of pics and relly nice views from the best position/angles. AMAZING..I really love it! Thank you!! She is perfect.
darlings01966 • over 3 years ago
Andie is beautiful in all her proportions, but we don't see why it's necessary to accentuate her rather disproportionate labia.
tits4tat • over 3 years ago
Gorgeous girl. Meat flaps more pronounced than my preference, but nowhere near scary 'ball sack' proportions. Nice overall.
michaeljones2 • over 3 years ago
Always nice to see Andie. A DD Hall of Famer no doubt. Wonder what she's up to these days?
dancan38 • over 3 years ago
Pretty face, curvy bum, tits too soft and heavy,(sorry but...offall-type genitals...) slim body with the right amount in the right medium place...Beautiful 37 with sleek hair, bum and thighs!...and 78 ! ... and 88 ! This set is a feast to our eyes, thank you for the absence of accessories and clothes !!!

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