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Amber is hoping to soon be Hollywood's newest sensation. With acting chops, and a package that you never want to take your eyes off, I'd say she has a chance better than most. For now though, Amber says she's going to finish school and make the most of her free time sunny Florida. -Mark Lit
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jimmyseven said 4 months ago
So many frames to stop at and admire. And....
kalpeshp said about 1 year ago
Amber is a gift to us. How a women can be so perfect in every detail is incredible!
emmsea said almost 2 years ago
Another 5* Amber set. Thanks. MC from OZ.
chriseugenebell said over 2 years ago
Hubba, hubba! Mmmm...what I would do to you, baby. ;)
dsshop said over 2 years ago
Beautiful woman! Perfect Tits, Amazing Ass, Pretty Pussy. And #96 - That Tongue, I can certainly think of a place I would love for that tongue to be all over!
sarah25 said over 2 years ago
tylerdurden9490 said over 2 years ago
Man oh man, I hope you guys filled up a whole hard drive with pictures of Amber, and not just the two photo sets/videos that are currently available. She is an absolute treasure!
jjj9999 said over 2 years ago
eveq101 said over 2 years ago
reboulin said over 2 years ago
Amber,juste sublime!!! *** Kisses ***
benstew said almost 3 years ago
She is the most perfect combination of perfectness i ever saw in my life Amber you are truly a GODDESS OF PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!
sepu811 said about 3 years ago
OH GOD..please more of that beautyyyyyyyyy
tra56kaa57 said about 3 years ago
Another example of what makes DD stand out: a beautiful woman, warmly lit, natural poses, and sublime images. Her mouth in #96; her cleavage in #97; her curves in #74. All DD images and videos cannot be this magnificent, though, because not all models are as wonderful as Amber. But when it comes together on this website, it's magical. Thanks...
rickmar said about 3 years ago
Beautiful girl, very interesting photography. Well done!
altezzars2000 said about 3 years ago
Natural tits without silicone, beautiful skin without tatoo!
twoblokes said about 3 years ago
Amber has been "Created Beautifully" :)
simchris said about 3 years ago
liquidocelot said about 3 years ago
A simply gorgeous set of one of the best new girls on DD. Don't keep us waiting too long for more Amber, you are truly an exceptional beauty.
rebar10issguy said about 3 years ago
a new favorite! video, please?
sexaddict said about 3 years ago
Stunningly beautiful.
horsenu said about 3 years ago
Amber gets me thinking back about my ol school days, maybe her looks, she reminds me of a beautiful high school teacher I had! "Class it's time for you to diagram a sentence" OK?! A-Amber an Awesome Lady, B-Beautiful Brown eyes, C-Capivating look in her eyes, D-Divine Body, E-Excellent Erotic poses, F-FFFantastic pussy, G-Great photography, H-Holy Toledo, Whatta Beautiful Woman! I- I wanna see more!
meatbird said about 3 years ago
Fell in love with this goddess when I first saw her. She´s simply perfect from head to toe. And now I can´t wait any longer to ask. Amber will you marry me ? I mean it !
jcurto said about 3 years ago
Love her landing strip and glad she didn't go bald.
pkatekong said about 3 years ago
I seriously cannot get enough of her please bring her back for more and more!