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one2play2 over 5 years ago
Great close-ups beautiful girl FLAME ON!
dsshop over 5 years ago
Alexis is Amazing. Love the close up of the panties with the cute little hair coming out of the side of the panty! I love the way she uses both hands to caress and rub that pretty pussy! Very sexy and sensual video cutie pie!
qqqqq4 almost 6 years ago
~ nice little lady ` OOHWEE....
jjj9999 almost 6 years ago
tiger1360 about 6 years ago
Hi... Alexies! So.. You have So Super Beautiful,Cute Nice Face,Beauty, Gorgeous Beast, So Super Sexy Nice Bodies! So.. It's Gonna be So Super My Favorite Model! So.. I Wanna to Watching Your New Next Super Exciting Videos ISSUEs On! Anyway You Gotta!! See You SOON! Good Luck Alexies! Tiger1360( M. W )
rdslrd11 over 6 years ago
I want more Alexis Adams videos. Please.
amunet over 6 years ago
This is the kind of babe that I would eat her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And finally, late night snacks.....
rickmar over 6 years ago
This girl is absolutely special! Perfect in every way. God, what I wouldn't give to play with those boobs!
turtlejack75 over 6 years ago
All these comments are spot-on. It would be nice to get that voyeur angle and just stay with it for 3-4 minutes. The girl is the show not how many times you fade the camera in and out.
tits4tat over 6 years ago
Your number one job here is not to get in the way of the girl. You guys are stopping just short of jumping out from behind the cameras and standing in front of the girls screaming "Look at me!" For God's sake tone down the 'technique' and stop cutting to a different view every 5 seconds. The model and the image quality in this video were stunning.

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