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rickmar1 • almost 3 years ago
My God! I'm in love.
who8bat8 • almost 5 years ago
holy smokes that was fantastic! more please
uy5hlt4b • about 5 years ago
I want to marry a potential 'barrel' like her!!
lst846 • about 5 years ago
What a sexy Gal would loved to have dated her when I was dating.
sonofzog • about 5 years ago
As much as I love Alaina, this was supposed to be my birthday present tomorrow. Now I see no one scheduled for April 30 which I consider a huge insult. To me, d'oh. I suppose I could wait to watch this until tomorrow but . . . hell no, that ain't going to happen.
ravicvts49 • about 5 years ago
Miss Alaina,you are really beautiful,your nail polish matches the colour of your inner cunt lips,if you need I can shave your pubic hair!!
darlings01966 • about 5 years ago
Alaina is a seriously sexy starlet, one of the brightest among your recent finds, though this scenario is a bit too awkward to thoroughly enjoy (I agree). Would love to see her hook up with some girl who could really take full advantage of all her sensuality!
rhyull • about 5 years ago
Just on the right side of 'plump' where it makes her tits squeezable and her slit prominent. She'll have to watch her weight though, she has the type of build that can become a barrel by 35. But for now, definitely fuckable.
ddgxyz123 • about 5 years ago
What a beautiful girl.

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