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emmsea • about 3 years ago
My, we are an impatient bunch! This was the first AbbiMac pictorial, and you were ready to burn the DD team in effigy, 'cos you didn't get what you wanted. The instant gratification society of the modern era. Trying to be impartial (easier said than done) whilst looking at the three photo sets released so far, I think they've covered every reasonable quirk of human nature. Thanks team, MC from Oz.
drjldrd • over 4 years ago
I wish the negative comments about surgically-enhanced breasts would be muted or not made again. They are not '90s'; they are also being done in the 21st century. It is insulting to such beautiful women to always hear comments about their rnhancements as a pejorative. Most may be done for personal reasons; some for entertainment purposes. Surgically-enhanced breasts, BTW, are not 'fake boobs'. They start with real breasts and enhance them. Some are well-done, and others are beyond the normal range of the breast universe. This why they are called 'enhanced' and not 'fake'. At any rate, these beautiful women are providing viewers with fantasies. As such, fantasies are not necessarily all about 'truth in labeling'. If one cannot enjoy fantasies unless everything is natural, then move on and stop the insults. If you are not pleased with a woman because of that, then you are missing all the things that make a woman beautiful and sexy. Many of those who complain are likely not the ultimate statement about the handsomeness and sexiness of a man. God only knows what women say about you behind your back (possibly not complimentary). Since you would not like to have negative comments about yourself, how about leaving these beautiful women alone?
who8bat8 • almost 5 years ago
wow so nice nice boobs nice nipples nice ass!
spartandream • about 5 years ago
I totally agree with nightstalker62. Quit bitching about tatoos and fake breasts on these women. Most if not every guy who's a member of this site would jump at the chance to be with this girl. That being said please DD bring her back for more.
ddphoto • over 5 years ago
#42 & 43 are a vision of what it would be like to actually make love to this gorgeous girl. Rather than just photographing your models as an object to be desired, you are giving your members the visual experience of close intimacy with these girls.
erwinm • over 5 years ago
Nipples to die for.
brammphilippe • over 5 years ago
Très belle photos et très belle Femme
nightstalker62 • over 5 years ago
Will never understand all those that find nothing but complaints about beautiful ladies, guess what guys, the breast jobs, the tattoos, ever think they might do it for themselves, and what any of you might think really dont matter? Excellant job as usual DD, keep it up guys.
sepu811 • over 5 years ago
awesome girl but, is this a joke? 49 pics only? I hope it's half of the set..lol
jcurto • over 5 years ago
Love the landing strip but wish she kept her natural tits. Oh well, at least it wasn't a bald pussy. Bald pussies, fake tits, and loads of tattoos (aka Janine Lindemulder) are for short-dick men!
tylerdurden9490 • over 5 years ago
I absolutely love what was done with the lighting here, I'm only waiting for the rest of the photos. The ones you teased us with here are just not enough! Or is this one of those less is more lessons...........
sonofzog • over 5 years ago
As after-market boobs go, Abigail's are very well done and she definitely has the frame to carry them. A comparison of this set and her Talent Search set makes it clear how important are the contributions of photographer and makeup artists to the final result.
eveq101 • over 5 years ago
****1/2Gorgeous, delightful imagery I love this short but sweet set. Sometimes a short set is best to remember the images which get branded in my brain. I love the close-ups they bring to me all the details I need to appreciate photography and the details are lovely and very seductive. The production from both ends is fantastic. Eva.****1/2
sexaddict • over 5 years ago
Spectacular body. Excellent choice of models for a photo study of a perfect female form. Please shoot another set with Abigail

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