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Member Comments (19)

jimmyseven said 4 months ago
I think the close-ups of her face are the sexiest frames.
who8bat8 said about 2 years ago
fantastic hunny!
dsshop said over 2 years ago
Abigaile looks so SEXY in those short little jean shorts. I am such a sucker for petite blondes in Daisy Dukes! Add to that the pretty feet in heels! And one amazing set of pics!
halfast11 said over 2 years ago
I understand that a creative photographer would consider full length pix as boring. But as coniow suggests, a few boring full length shots would be welcome. Especialy if the set exceed 100 pics in length. However, that being said, great set, beautiful, sexy girl.
eveq101 said over 2 years ago
*** 1/2
michaeljones2 said almost 3 years ago
Beautiful girl. All natural, gorgeous skin complexion and best of all, no ink.
hotsperm said almost 3 years ago
You're one beautiful women.
kenoch819 said about 3 years ago
sexaddict said about 3 years ago
Just a spectacularly gorgeous young woman. It was a pleasure to see her. Her small dark nipples are just the way I like them...
ddphoto said about 3 years ago
#68 is an especially beautiful image. Love the closed eyes and slightly open mouth. Very sensuous.
ahardien said about 3 years ago
I agree with billythekid151, maybe these comments should only be visible to DD for feedback (or moderator filtered as tkback1 suggested)....it is a wonder that woman are still willing to take their clothes off reading through some of the statements in the comments sections of this site. And for those of you that think objectifying the model so much is normal...imagine this was your naked body in these shoots, how would you fare under this much scrutiny? Please vote with your 'add to favourites button' instead of putting the models down, they are human beings with feelings and besides...all are more attractive than any of us will ever bed (without some form of payment or intoxication to cloud their judgement).
horsenu said about 3 years ago
Very pretty girl, Beautiful blue eyes!! Great photography! Sure would like to see some standing full frontal, half turn, 3/4 turn and full rear standing shots. I just love to see the "shape" of woman's leg, too. And I'll bet Abigaile's got pretty shapely legs, too. Sooo lookin forward to her video.....
coniow said about 3 years ago
This girl does seem to have generated a few comments! Me? bald is OK, landing strip is good and furry takes me back to my youth. I am surprised that some of the regulars missed "A FEW FULL LENGTH PIX WOULD BE NICE", so better late than never. That said, I agree a fantastic girl, and I to have been waiting for this set. I really hope that she stays natural and away from the butchers (sorry surgeons) as she looks great as she is. If I also have butchered the English language I apologise, but dislexics are not known for there good grammar or spleling. Looking forward to the video!
simchris said about 3 years ago
Based on the general comments here since the feature was added to site, I am formally putting in a vote to remove comments as they tend to be consistently "more pink," "she's ugly," "why is her stomach covered," or whatever and sometimes irrational response to the lovely glamour style of this site. Since there is already a rating option, not sure what value these comments really have (yes, I get the irony that my comment isn't adding anything either, thanks) ;-)
turtlejack75 said about 3 years ago
WOW !!
georgia22 said about 3 years ago
Fantastic girl, awesome set.
sepu811 said about 3 years ago
I was looking for that set and I must say AMAZING! What a perfect body and girl mmmmmmm more please!!
hs8092ad said about 3 years ago
Well done! Love this girl, about time we got her here :)
christophec said about 3 years ago
Just one word : "magnifique" !...