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vizual 2 months ago
Soft yet powerful; exposed yet relaxed; sexually voracious yet calm natural.
brieneggs almost 4 years ago
They may have faked the passion, but at least they did it in Eastern European! Why don't appreciative grunts surrfice? A little uh! here and a random Oh! there would be delightful! Like i said, it looks wonderful and it works!
brieneggs almost 4 years ago
Ere!!! Don't matter if its real or just looks so fucking good! Of course some juices running down her face would be good...but you cant have everything can you? Can you? nah mate, that passes for real and my willy tingled at the sight!
darlings01966 almost 6 years ago
So much to admire about this all-too-short video, starting with the cute little scenario and the lovely lingerie; but what is best is the gently erotic way they have with each other, and how Shyla so expertly licks away at one of the sweetest-looking pussies on this site--oh!
daxtman almost 6 years ago
tay chơi gái: very nice
lst846 about 6 years ago
Very nice vidio!!!
dancan38 about 6 years ago
I'm giving up single videos for G/G, they're too close to what love making is all about, eroticism of course, but which springs from all that softness of touch, that smoothness of movement, gentleness, tenderness, in the eyes, in the hands, and the slow-rising lust in the hips swaying and reaching for each other... No way can porn be even hinted at !!!
jonwest about 6 years ago
Very enjoyable. More girl on girl please!
remoteoz about 6 years ago
beautiful, these two are always good
rickmar about 6 years ago
halfast11 about 6 years ago
I love Shyla's attitude. Obviously she loves to eat pussy. A girl after wy own heart!
tits4tat about 6 years ago
Overall great video. I have to turn the sound off however because the moaning sound track doesn't even come close to matching the video. It seems that any female actually watching the video and faking passion sounds should be able to do better than this.
penguin about 6 years ago
2 VERY hot girls, hot action, lots of facial close ups and I didn't miss the obligatory 69 scene at all. A true 5.
michaeljones2 about 6 years ago
Spectacular. Abigaile and Shyla are 2 exquisite girls. Thanks.
rhyull about 6 years ago
I could make minor criticisms but it would be very small-minded of me to do so. There is a real sense of intimacy between the two girls that lifts this above the norm. I wouldn't want DD to turn into just another lipstick lesbian site but for the occasional 'specials' this is definitely what we would expect from such a talented team as we have here.
dsshop about 6 years ago
Wow!! Love all the kissing. These two are gorgeous. And Shyla's moves on Abigaile at the end - INCREDIBLE! And I think I just learned a good move to try!
docgoo1 about 6 years ago
wow. very nice
keheinrichs about 6 years ago
The only thing wrong with that is maybe it isn't long enough. I could watch those two all day long.
erwinm about 6 years ago
I love to watch Shyla eat pussy. Simply wicked application of the tongue.
reboulin about 6 years ago
Absolutely flawless and very very tasty!-))
doctordiesel about 6 years ago
Very Hot! More please!!
gobucks79 about 6 years ago
come on TEAM, if that is not 5 stars what is, beautiful and what you give to have been there??? LOL!!!!
fritz1652 about 6 years ago

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