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We loved having Abbey for the day. She kept us entertained with her hilarious tales/stories of being on the set of the Tim and Eric Show on Adult Swim. She has been featured on the show quite a bit, and all of us at the Ranch are big fans of the show, ergo we are fans of Abbey's as well...and her pretty face and curvalicious body.Nothing says Abbey to me better than image #4. -Mark Lit
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emmsea said 5 months ago
Abbey deserves more! We deserve more! It's been nearly 4 years since we last visited with Abbey. There is more in the Archives, we haven't seen all that you teased us with in the backstage set of 30 Aug '11. Can we pleeeaaassseee have some more. Thanks, MC from Oz.
tits4tat said about 2 years ago
This model was actually very well shot. Mark showed off her beautiful face and pussy, made her large breasts look better than they are, and hid her chubby torso. If you look at the talent search you'll see how well Mark did.
sweetbee said over 2 years ago
i am in love
mjlporno said almost 3 years ago
Wow I'd love to fuck her tits and her pussy!!!
georgia22 said over 3 years ago
One photoset is not enough of this incredible babe!