Missin' the Boys

Posted on Sep 09, 2009

--Mark brings the mood. It is not very often the words "I miss you" come out of my mouth, let alone directed toward another man or men, but the absence of Mark and Charles' boot steps (O.K.--Mark wears sneakers and Charles' laces on Jesus sandals) around the ranch have me a little down. Now in no way should this read that the company that surrounds me is any less interesting than our missing counterpartsit is just that Mark and Charles bring somewhat of a slapstick comedy to the set whenever we are in production that is unlike any reality show I have ever seen, maybe because these guys are the real deal. --Classic Mark Lit Mark and I are both of Polish decent and the family cast in his stories could easily be interchanged with any of the "ski"s from my family. That relationship has always helped in the process of keeping my family close. I had the rare opportunity of meeting Mark's father while he was traveling in California and was happy to hear we shared the same interest of fast hot rods and ice cold cheap beer. --Charles Lightfoot is known for his contortionist poses. Charles and I became close friends during our trip to Eastern Europe a couple of years back. Easy going is a phrase I have used to describe myself over and over again but after getting to know Charles Lightfoot I feel like I am one of the rowdy crowd. This man is not only creative but punctual, persistent, and always willing to contribute to any situation he may find himself in. All that aside what I miss most about Charles is his boyish humor. There has been more than one instance when upon walking back onto the set I find the crew on their backs in laughter. Hey Chan--care to share? I know it has been only a week since I pulled your travel gear from the back of my truck and bid you two farewellbut I'm saying it now, "I miss you guys!" God speed boysand safe travels. --Mark loves directing the talent --Charles was doing some gardening when the call came in for an assistant. --Charles and I standing guard while Mark takes point. Have a great week y'all! Jp

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