The difference between art and porn

Posted on Feb 09, 2012

Sandra Shine

Zach here. Being an aesthetic individual that works in the adult industry is a tough job. There is always that stigma you have to deal with by society (especially living in the US). Many label you as a pornographer just because you photograph or merely work at a place where naked women are photographed. But really, what is the difference between art and porn? Isn't the purpose of art to evoke some feeling from you? Is it not supposed to take you away from real life in a cerebral way?

Khyanna Song

Working for Digital Desire, we have to ride that line between beauty and smut. We want to show you something aesthetically appealing yet we don't want to put you to sleep either. I am probably like many of you. I need a blend of innocence and naughtiness to excite me.

Sandra Shine

To me, all porn is art and all art is porn. Both have the goal to inspire obsession in the viewer. It is only the context that can create the subjective judgement bestowed on a particular photo, painting, sculpture, etc. Do you think that artists from the past that depicted nudity in their works were not aroused by their subjects? There's simply good art and bad art and everyone's scale/criteria is a bit different.

Niki Lee Young

What I love about our particular blend of erotica is that we care what we're doing and we respect the individuals that perform for us. I often look upon Mark, Stephen, or Charles as they shoot and I think to myself: Wow, some people have it all wrong. These guys are working their asses off trying to create something that they can be proud of. It is not just all fun and games folks.

Tasha Reign

And the women that work with us, I can't help but admire. How many of us would truly have the courage to strip off our clothes and masturbate for strangers? Then subsequently these girls have to deal with the scrutiny of society once their images are all over the Net. Whether you call it porn or art, it takes some guts and talent to create something beautiful and sexually stimulating.

Malena Morgan

So the answer then? What is the difference between art and porn? I'm not sure, but I know we take pride, make sacrifices, and enjoy creating a bit of both :)


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Member Comments (14)

jjj9999 • over 5 years ago
jjj9999 • over 5 years ago
sharlini • over 6 years ago
Great article. I feel like you don't even need moans in your videos, sometimes music goes a long way. The sites old videos also have an amazing vibe. I'd love to see some work similar to the old ones not just in sound but in set style and visual style.
tra56kaa57 • over 6 years ago
To me, Digital Desire is about presenting beautiful photos and videos of the most attractive models they can shoot...which is NOT what porn is all about. Whether or not DD models are posing, touching themselves, alone or not alone, team DD is focusing on presenting and enhancing the beauty of the woman/women. That is not what I find when I look at porn. And that is why I'm here. IMHO.
daltongang • over 6 years ago
Beautiful women are born to be who they are, it's a life gift. It's up to the beholder of that beauty to see it for what it is, a natural desire to feast one's eye's upon the beauty of the women portrayed here on this site. We are human, and we are naturally drawn to beauty in its raw form. The naked female human anatomy is the most beautiful form on the planet.
sonofzog • over 6 years ago
No one has ever defined "porn", not even a Supreme Court Justice. I have no idea where the line is between erotica and porn, except that porn seems to mean "erotica I don't approve of" for a lot of people. For me, most modern hardcore porn is degrading, repetitive and boring. But even beautiful women masturbating can be just as tedious and, to me, unattractive. So that's where I draw the line between erotica and porn. Your mileage may vary.
saldoman • over 6 years ago
Porn or art who really gives a fuck. I am here for the fucking babes, period.
born83 • over 6 years ago
André Breton said "La pornographie, c'est l'érotisme des autres" that could be here translate "porn for someone, art for another one" Porn's also caracterized by seeing a sexual act. Time, culture, will change the point of view. So i consider that "Between the green door", is a porn movie, but one to be remembered as art. And so does your job : details of juicy labia or a woman's clit may be considered as porn. But it is to be seen as a part of a whole which tends to value women. So to my opinion, your intention is the best way to distinguish art & porn. Thanks for keeping your daily work to value women's body and soul. excuse for may poor english
darkwand • over 6 years ago
Zach: you remind me of a funny story I once heard about Jenna Jameson...idk if she was having a blood sugar moment, or this statement was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back, but: one time she was at an event signing autographs, and this dude says (probably like so many before her), "I'd love to work with you!" and so she says: "Ok. Pull down your pants right now, and get it hard." There were people *everywhere*. If I recall right, he was either too scared, or simply incapable of doing it. And she said, "If you can't do it here, you're not gonna make it on the set either..."
darkwand • over 6 years ago
yes, thank you about the Daily Art...Len was not the only one who has been looking at that. I don't know the names of all the models here either, and it helps me when the names are provided so that I can go into the stacks and check out more of whomever I like, and thus really take advantage of what I am paying for my membership! ;)
victor62 • over 6 years ago
I agree whole heartedly. Being an artist, I deal with that stigma as well. Sometimes I will be quite blaten about having something in my work and other times I'll throw a subliminal item in. And it is funny, the reaction is usually the same from peeps. If women are photographed, drawn, painted or even sculptured in a way that shows the beauty, then it is ART! Look at Georgia O'Keefe's works. Nobody hardly knew that they were staring right at a vagina. and when they all figured that out, they just went along with it, 'cause it was tastefully was ART!
calipso • over 6 years ago
Whatever you call it, you guys are really good at it and I like it a lot
georgia22 • over 6 years ago
Art is in the photographer's attitude and approach to the model. When the photographer respects the model and does not push her past her boundaries, art is created.
lencole • over 6 years ago
Another difference is treating the models with respect by using the models names and not a file number. Thank You for putting the models names on the Daily Art.

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