Stand at ease...

Posted on Aug 09, 2015

"Tonight, you pukes will sleep with your rifles. You will give your rifle a girl's name because this is the only pussy you people are going to get. Your days of finger-banging ol' Mary-Jane Rottencrotch through her pretty pink panties are over! You're married to this piece. This weapon of iron and wood. And you will be faithful. Port, hut! At ease! Good night, ladies." - Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Full Metal Jacket

By definition, standing at ease is one of the easiest commands to do simply because you only move your left leg. This command will most likely be issued whilst you are at attention. On the command, you are to lift your left leg up, bending the knee and then placing your foot approximately 30cms (12 in) from your right foot. Quickly move your hands placing one in the other behind your back allowing them to hang easily to their fullest extent.

Well, the definition around here would read much differently...

"Stand at easy my dear!"

This command will most likely be issued whilst you are in the process of removing all clothing. On the command, you are to push your chest out, gently moving your hips approximately 15cms (6in) in a circular motion. Slowly move your hands placing one on your breast or tenderly roaming your fingers through your hair, while allowing the other to roam sensuously over the rest of your entire body.

Ashley Lane

Megan Salinas

Marina Visconte

Riley Reid

Dillion Harper

Marley Brinx

Kayden Kross

Amber Sym

Jade Couture

Georgia Jones

"Ten-hut! Forward...march! Everybody now...uh left, uh left, uh left, right, left! Sing it... I don't know but I've been told, Georgia's pussy is pure white gold!"


7 Member Comments

coniow almost 4 years ago
@ Droolmasterb: Hate to disappoint you, but the shot of 'Jenna Nickol' (aka Kayden, Etc. . .) comes from her set posted on June 18th 2008, (pic 74 to be exact).
droolmasterb almost 4 years ago
I hope that's not Kayden Kross!!
cfdietcoke almost 4 years ago
Megan always enchants.
timbini1 almost 4 years ago
The command is actually "At ease,” not “Stand at easy.” As a USMC veteran I couldn't let that go without comment. But, mine isn't standing at ease. It's rigidly at attention.
lickrclit almost 4 years ago
How come Georgia isn't standing? Not that I mind...
trinity1945 almost 4 years ago
TWENTY??!! Gimme 200! Each one of you.
rhyull almost 4 years ago
This could explain why more people watch porn than join the marines. Though I think these girls need more drill. Not that I'm complaining especially when it comes to more advanced commands like 'squat on my dick and give me twenty'!

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