Spencer Bliss...I love your smile.

Posted on Feb 16, 2013

Hi Everyone,

On behalf of the entire Hicks Family and all of us here at the Ranch, thank you so much for all your kind words and warm wishes upon hearing the news of Stephens passing. We truly appreciate them and are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.

It's no surprise it was a tough week but we are excited to be back in production. We have many new, fresh girls on the books in the upcoming months and look forward to unleashing them for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks again,

The guys

Take it away Mr. Lit....

Every time I asked Spencer if she knew how gorgeous she was, she broke out into laughter like I was crazy for asking. Did she really not know?

This was literally Spenser's first photo shoot...ever. We had to bust our asses to finish the last photo set of the day because she had speech class at 6pm, and we had to get her out of here. We weren't going to let her be late. On this eve, she was to give a speech on three objects that define her life. She chose, her track and field necklace, her favorite book(A Catcher in the Rye), and her ipod.

Spenser attends a community college just east of LA. She's working on finishing up her general education classes so that she can transfer to a University and begin her schooling to become an orthodontist. I wonder where her love of teeth and appreciation of smiles came from? Could it be she looked in the mirror, and saw her reflection, and her perfect smile? Spencer earned her smile though. With 2 years of braces it didn't come easy.

Most days that I am shooting, I constantly have to remind myself to get smiles from our models. I grew up loving pouty fashion models so it's never been my strength to catch smiles. With Spencer however, I couldn't get enough of those super smiles. Here are a few pictures from the day but you better believe there is much much more to come from this beautiful girl!

Spencer Bliss.



Member Comments (5)

agphoffice • over 5 years ago
totally fabulous
coniow • over 5 years ago
Oh! Am I looking forward to this set! And a video? (Can I have my cake AND eat it?... Please!)
brotherchaos • over 5 years ago
audiodesire • over 5 years ago
a true beauty!

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