Megan Salinas

Posted on Jan 26, 2013

I tend to complain a bit these days about how little I actually shoot models for the site. It's not at all that I don't want to, its just the reality of running my business and balancing all of life at this point in time. Furthermore, with such talented and capable photographers as Charles and Mark on the team its easy to know they'll always create great content for us.

There are so many girls that have come through here in the last few years that I never photographed. It kind breaks my heart (how do you say Malena Morgan?)

Well, last week we had the pleasure of shooting an amazing new girl, Megan Salinas. I knew the moment Mark and I took her test shots that I had to shoot her. No more missing out on the good ones I thought.

Megan is a petite Latin mix with stunning hazel eyes, beautiful, healthy, raven colored hair and a body to die for.

I decided that morning after leaving my home near the beach that we really needed to find a way to shoot this lovely girl on the beach. A natural beauty like Megan just beckons to be naked on the beach (in my minds eye anyhow).

Arriving at our hideaway beach after a decent walk and then hiking over some challenging rocks, we were finally where I wanted to be with Megan and my crew--celebrating natures beauty everywhere around us.

It's not often these days that I get a chance to combine my love of shooting a beautiful young lady with the glory I also find in nature. My afternoon with Megan and the crew allowed me to go to bed Thursday night feeling like one lucky bastard.

You'll see a lot more of this amazing young lady on our site too---videos and stills to rock your world.

Have a great weekend

J Stephen

Member Comments (21)

coniow • about 5 years ago
I am re reading this after seeing the daily word for 8th February. This was J S H's last post, as he passed on two days before on the 6th. RIP.
cfdietcoke • about 5 years ago
Every time I see this preview, the more captivated I become! Her beauty is breathtaking and she makes me remember that the best days are ahead! :-)
sharlini • about 5 years ago
Wow, I'm stunned....... she's beautiful
scorpy • about 5 years ago
It looks like this girl is very new in the scene, only a select few sites have content for her. Must have just turned 18 =D
tylerdurden9490 • about 5 years ago
A gorgeous model, a beautiful beach and one of the BEST photographers in the world? Saying I Can't wait is just a bit of an understatement. I would love to see you behind the camera a little more often Mr.Hicks, (and that's not to say Mark and Charles don't deliver because they do) it's just a compliment TO you!
darlings01966 • about 5 years ago
This is the way the Goddess intended all boobs to look like--Shay-lovers to the contrary!
scorpy • about 5 years ago
Wow, absolute dream girl and no visible tattoos!! 100% perfection, flawless! Nice find DD!! I am hoping for a nice full set of pics, I don't think you can take a bad picture. Let us see them all Bryan Adams - Thought I'd died and gone to heaven...
oldmanherb • about 5 years ago
iiiiiiiiiM IN LOVE!!!
cfdietcoke • about 5 years ago
OMG, is she ever stunning! And, those poses at the beach are dynamite. Let us know when you have photo and video sets ready to post because she's real eye candy!
morgan45 • about 5 years ago
Your talent is impressive, stick to your instincts!
rickmar • about 5 years ago
All I can say is WOW!
darkwand • about 5 years ago
this is a rare model, even for this site. Get a lot of material from her!!!
tra56kaa57 • about 5 years ago
Sir, while none of each can attain perfection, IMHO you have created the best thing going in erotic photography. You have both the desire (no pun) to photograph the most beautiful women, and the ability to make them look their absolute best (having seen the same women photographed elsewhere). Hopefully, your high standards and great talents will continue to attract the women who want to be photographed accordingly. Looking forward to more of Megan, and the other beauties coming our way on DD.
stamerican • about 5 years ago
J. Stephen, don't you even consider not being involved in the creative process on this site and letting others do what you do so well. When I look over at your former colleagues at Playboy, you can see they lack so much in innovation and creativity. Now, I've fallen in love with this site you created. Although Charles and Mark are great in their unique styles, you are the driving force and impetus for imagination here.
nessent320 • about 5 years ago
I have tremendous admiration for the talent and skill of you and all your photographers, but you know the old saying: "Only God can make a tree." I think that the same principle probably applies to a lot of your content. I'm pretty sure that I couldn't have made Megan. :-)
darlings01966 • about 5 years ago
Oh, how much we love babes at the beach! Thanks J Steve!
dnorton2812 • about 5 years ago
She makes my toe shoot up in my boot.
spartandream • about 5 years ago
Please hurry. She's amazing.
dancan38 • about 5 years ago
she's gorgeous , is Megan ! And I totally support you, JS, in the wish to keep the model with no clothes in sight. It makes the whole picture so smooth, with a natural flow... But I suppose it depends on the mood and men will always want it all...Now the soothing sight of a bare figure, now an arousing half removed underwear, now the crude, aggressive, 'raw-meat' close-up... And you, behind the camera, have to think of a balanced set , maybe sometimes fighting back your own immediate intuition ! Good luck !
tirronan • about 5 years ago
Very nice work and I look forward to seeing the rest of the set.

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